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    Static / glitchyness in 5.1 audio (HDMI)


      I have a PTV2000 Netgear WiDi box. My laptop is the Samsung NP350U2A-W01UB. I have windows 7 sp1 64 bit (ultimate). All drivers both intel & laptop as well as bios & PTV2000 is up to date. My reciever is a Pioneer VSX-1121-K(I just upgraded from TV speakers to 5.1 and the widi doesn't just work). The netgear is hooked up to my receiver using hdmi.


           I notice if I connect the laptop to the widi adapter when the receiver is off it connects with just stereo for the audio, and it is much harder to notice the audio issues. However if I connect when the receiver is up it connects in 5.1 and the audio sounds very glitchy and unbearably bad. I notice the audio probelsm using the windows test speaker check of front right, front left or any other audio program. I do not have any audio issues if I connect the laptop directly to the reciever using hdmi or from my ps3 that uses hdmi, and think it has something to do with widi.


      Can anyone please help with troubleshooting this problem. Any recommendations for settings to change either on laptop or receiver. Would be willing to test privates or grab logs as well.