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        Frustrating indeed. And, you are correct in that I was after reliability and stability. This is the first Intel mobo I've ever purchased for personal use.


        Currently Intel is not drawing any conclusions regarding the reported incompatibilities. They will only say that they are investigating. Corsair also expressed interest in getting to the bottom of this.


        For me the issue is immediate and 100% reproducable - now that I know what I'm looking for. Being that it is a very specific circumstance (power-off via software (OS)) which triggers the problem made it difficult to encounter and diagnose initially. My first (of 3) DZ68BC mobos was up and running for a couple of weeks while I flashed the BIOS, installed the OS, repeatedly rebooted to adjust BIOS options, and carried out various lengthy stability and stress testing.

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          When you mention power off via software operating system are you refering to G2 Global Soft Off State in which case you select shutdown or press the power button to turn the system off ?   The  DZ68BC supports G1/S3  suspend to ram and G1/S4  suspend to disk ( hibernation )  are you useing either of these?

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            Yes. ACPI G2 (S5) global state after initiating shutdown via the OS software option. Following this the board will not begin to POST, only momentarily flashing certain LEDs (CPU Hot, skull, hdd) and spinining the HSF fan. At the same time it emits an audible clicking noise which sounds like a switch. This whole process takes a fraction of a second. The BIOS does not even begin to load.


            Unfortunately, after this state has been reached I can no longer boot the board with the AX750, even if I completely remove power (G3 state/disconnected from source). I CAN, however, boot the board by using a different PSU. I've done this "jump-starting" with an old Antec Trio a few times. If I power off the board at the bios stage of booting (from the Antec) with the power switch I can then reattach the AX750 and it will boot until the next ACPI G2 state. Very peculiar.

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              If I understand correctly the failure to post only develops after the operating system is installed along with drivers and applications. Additionally the bios is updated to version 27 and settings within the bios are changed. Are you useing windows 7? Would it post with a fresh os install , no drivers or apps and default bios settings?


              Does the bios event log show any event errors and when post starts and fails is anything visible on the post code display? After a failure to post is the mobo getting standby power?  Sorry for the questions, since I have the components that you are haveing compatibility issues with the thread is of interest.


              Do you have any thoughts on why the compatibility issue develops for some users with these components while others have no issues? Hopefully the new psu will eliminate the issue . 

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                Firstly, I'd like to report for the OP that after replacing the multilple Corsair AX750 power supplies with a different model, the DZ68BC works as expected.


                This solved my problem. The OP was experiencing the exact same symptoms, but we've not heard back yet if he's resolved his issues yet.


                The Seasonic Platinum 860 is powering-on the board in every ACPI scenario I can reproduce. This is not unexpected based on my previous results using other PSUs successfully.


                I totally understand your concern given you've got the same components which were not compatible in my experience.


                Let me try to address your questions:


                I did update the BIOS to 27 on all 3 DZ68BC mobos I'd had issue with prior to encountering the issue. I suppose this cannot be ruled out, but the problem certainly occured before the board even got to the first POST code. Definitely seemed like a power issue, so before I'd ever RMA'd the mobo with Intel I brought the PSU in to work where we have power supply test equipment to verify it was functioning properly. It passed just fine and I booted various other boards with it just to make double sure.


                This ocurred with a clean install - chipset and onboard intel HD graphics drivers only. No installed software - only stuff that runs from its own executable for stability and stress testing (prime95, cpu-z, coretemp, etc.). Due to the specific nature of this problem (pre-POST) it cannot be caused software other than the BIOS. Also could be replicated without a storage device whatsoever. Even without memory installed - it was that early in the boot it didn't get to complaining (beeping) about missing memory modules.


                The BIOS event log did not show any errors, nor did it even recognize the fact that it failed to POST (should warn after unsuccessful POST). The problem is so early and so instant I believe it never starts to POST. POST code 7-segment display does not get a chance to light up, so no code shown.


                I don't design mobos or PSU, so can't hazard a guess as to why it didn't work for me, but does for you. I sure hope Intel and Corsair can get to the bottom of the issue.


                Again, the DZ68BC worked with other power supplies and the AX750 worked with other motherboards. Neither component was actually faulty. But, between the 3 DZ68BC motherboards and 2 AX750 PSUs I could always replicate the same incompatibility and failure to power on the board following software-initiated shutdown. Ultimately the boards were working properly and the PSU was working properly, just not together.

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                  I just finished reading this thread, and my problem seem to be the same I think.  I built a new machine using the existing case and PSU I had.  The PSU was a Thermaltake 520 watt.  When I finished installing everything, I powered on the computer, and everything worked fine.  I installed Windows 7 64bit, and then upgraded everything with the Intel CD.  (I planned on going back later and downloading the most current BIOS update later.)  Everything was going much better than I expected until Windows was almost done updating and then the computer shut down.  Since then, I get the same thing when I use either the front panel power button or the internal Mobo power button.  The fans start to spin, and every LED on the motherboard and the front panel flashes and I hear the clicking sound.  If I hold the  power buttons down, it just continually flashes and the fans spin.


                  I thought this might be a power supply issue since I was only using a 520 watt PSU, so I went out and bought a new Corsar AX850 - 850 watt PSU (Not having seen this thread yet).  I connected it, but it is doing the same thing.  Never gets to POST.


                  I decided to disconnect everything and start putting things back in until it failed thinking it was a defective part.  I removed everything except the PSU, Mobo, CPU, and memory.  Still the same thing.  Then I pulled out all of the memory, and suddenly, I get power and I can get to the BIOS setup.  So I started putting memory back in one at a time.  The first 4 gig went in and I got power and the BIOS saw the 4 gig.  But as soon as I put any other in another slot, I start getting the clicking and LEDs flashing.  I tried all 4 of the memory DIMMs in the position 0, and they all are recognized.  They even work in position 1.  But I can't put more than 1 DIMM in.  The only thing that I see wrong in the bios is that it is reporting the memory as 1333 Mhz instead of 1600 Mhz.  I thought the Bios update might correct that though.


                  Here's what I'm currently using:

                  DZ68BC Mobo

                  Core i7 2600K CPU

                  Corsair Vengeance 4 x 4 16 Gig 1600 Mhz memory

                  Corsair Force GT 120 Gig SSD Drives x 4

                  Sony DVD x 2

                  Corsair AX850 Gold - 850 Watt PSU.

                  Radeon HD6770 Video Card

                  None of the 5 fans in case have LEDs on them and only 2 fans plus the cpu fan are plugged into the mobo.


                  I see that tekstr1der had the problem from the first power up.  Mine came after being on and running for about an hour or so.  Plus, the memory seems to be related somehow.  After working with this for about 5 days now, I'm getting frustrated too.


                  Anybody have any thoughts on this?  Do you still think it is PSU related?  I could take the Corsair back and try another, but the memory thing is just bugging me.  (Not to mention that it happened with the Thermaltake PSU too.


                  Sorry for the long post.



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                    @BobW: Just to clarify, I was running my first DZ68BC for about two weeks doing various stress & stability testing prior to discovering this problem. I initially suspected the power supply (RMA'd), later suspected the mobo (RMA's 2x), and finally realized neither was at fault, but that there was a compatibility issue between the two components.


                    Also, I could replicate the issue without any memory memory modules installed in any slots.

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                      That does clarify things.  So we both had them up and running and then they stopped and started the symptoms we described.  I'm taking my corsair PSU back tomorrow and I'll pick up something else.  Hopefully that takes care of it.  But the fact that mine seems to POST with no memory and sometimes with 1 DIMM does confuse me.  I guess I'll see in a day or two.  I hope I don't end up having to RMA anything.  That just takes so long.

                      Thanks though!

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                        After replacing the power supply, I still have the same problem although I am able to get it to boot very intermittantly.  I have a replacement motherbard on the way.  Did you have to reinstall windows when you replaced your motherboard?  Some people are telling me that I may have to.  I thought that since it is the same model board, windows shouldn't care.  And what did you do about updating the bios again?  (Man I hope this takes care of the problem.)


                        Thanks for your input.



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                          No, you would not need to reinstall the OS when replacing with the same mobo/chipset. Flashing the BIOS should have no bearing on the OS. I would update to v27 before you even boot your new board into the OS.


                          I had been doing stress/stability testing for a few weeks originally on a temporariy OS install from a HDD, so I did a clean install to an SSD once I got my new Seasonic PSU and put the system together in a chassis. DZ68BC is a pretty nice board when it is working. i5-2500K @4.8Ghz, 24/7 stable with only 1.30V to the core.

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                            I got my replacement board, and it works great.  You're right.  It really is a nice board.  You're running at 4.8Ghz?  WOW!  I'm running an i7 2600K at 3.8Ghz right now.  I just set performance on the board to auto.  I did get it to recognize my Corsair memory at the 1600Mhz o/c speed.  That's all I have really played with so far.  Do you see a big improvement by bumping up to 4.8?  I'm very new to overclocking and somewhat nervous about making changes not knowing what I am doing.


                            Thanks again for your input!



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                              What revision of the board do you have now? 401? 402? I am having power supply issues also. I have had 5 boards already all 401. Please see this link:





                              It appears Intel is aware of this issue and there is a new board that is not out yet. Atleast, I cannot find it.

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                                I am using a Seasonic SS 560KM and can duplicate this issue. When first connected it posted. THen I power cycled a few times, and only heard click and CPU clicking sound. Then it would not turn on at all. Lights light up on motherboard but nothing at all happens when pressing the onboard power button. Changing the power supply does work, but still find this info interesting:


                                Product Change Notification
                                111144 - 00
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                                Should you have any issues with the timeline or content of this change, please contact the Intel Representative(s) for your geographic location listed below. No response from customers will be deemed as acceptance of the change and the change will be implemented pursuant to the key milestones set forth in this attached PCN.
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                                Product Change Notification
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                                Intel® Desktop Board DZ68BC, Extreme, Boxed and Bulk
                                PCN 111144-00, Product Design
                                Improve power capability for USB keyboard & mouse and BIOS update
                                Date of Publication:
                                November 30, 2011
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                                Product Design
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                                Dec 12, 2011
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                                The following changes will be made:
                                1. The USB Charging ports delay circuitry will have resistors PR29 and PR44 changed from 0 ohm to 2M ohm and a 1 uF capacitor will be added at PC22 and PC26. This will enhance the compatibility for the USB Keyboard and Mice when resuming from S3 (Sleep State) and improving USB devices charging capability when changing from S3/S4/S5 states.
                                2. The resistor RTPS9 will be changed from 10K to 100K OHM, a 1 uF capacitor will be added at PR866 and the transistor at TPS_Q11 will be changed from a MMBT3904-7-F to a N-MOSFET 2N7002. This will enhance the power supply compatibility by changing the board de-bounce timing during power on.
                                3. The BIOS will be updated from BCZ6810H.86A.0021 to BCZ6810H.86A.0028. To access the release notes or get a copy of the BIOS for evaluation, go to http://downloadcenter.intel.com.

                                Customer Impact of Change and Recommended Action:
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                                Originally Published PCN


                                Interestingly enough I cannot find this board anywhere, and Intel Warranty department does not have stock. Although, they admit to distributing it, but when I contact their resellers/wholesalers, they do not have this revision.

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                                  Hello,     I believe I am having a very similar issue.

                                  I have been fighting this issue for nearly a month.   the problem started out as a USB 3 issue, with the 3.0 driver installed the system would not shut down, actually it would, but would restart after 5 seconds??  I replaced the MOBO, memory, processor, and power supply.  Nothing helped.   Then I discovered that sleep mode was affected also, upon entering and exiting sleep the system would reboot.     After trying everthing in the bios I found that if I disabled 'Processor C States'  everything worked fine.   Do't know why, but upon passing the information to another post in bleeping computer forums, someone with identical problem found that it cured his problem also.


                                  But, I was still courious as to why this setting has to be disabled. So as to make a long story s hort,   I found (after multiple parts replacement and changing 4 power supplies). that the problem was with the power supply.  But all these supplies that did not work with the DZ68BC worked just fine in other systems.   Now the power supply that did work was rather underpowered for the system so I have been trying various, well rated supplies, (seasonic 620 Bronze and Seasonic x650 Gold to be specific)  The first one had the same problem, and the x650 will not even turn the system on, the lights flicker, the supply clicks a relay and nothing else, I have tried two of the X650 modles, They are very well rated, both have the same problem.


                                  What I would like to know from anyone with this problem is just what quality supply will work with this board??       I need something around 600 watt or more.   Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


                                  Thanks in advance.

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                                    It does not develop after inatallation of OS only,


                                    I have the power problem too, i bought the board from amazon uk and had some on bring it over to Kenya along with a 2500K, and the board revision is 402 on the board is written manufactured Feb 2012


                                    I have corsair vengeance ram 2x4gb from my provious intel board

                                    every other thing is same in the rig apart from the motherboard and processor.


                                    the key component in question is the PSU, i have Evarest FSP 600W PSU and i have the power issue

                                    i got the problem olmost imediatly after setting up, first start up was ok then i switched it off after like 1 min after checking bios,

                                    when i tried switching it on again then the problem come


                                    So frastration, later on i realised i could power it up by switching of the power switch on the PSU on and of and then i try switching on the computer the normal way and it works........


                                    So for me to switch it on i have to try the technique of on off the PSU at list twice some times mor than tice sometimes just once, so i still use my PSU.


                                    Tho i had a friend bring over his PSU a Huntkey Green Power 550W and tried it on the Board and works like a cham no problem an my PSU works on his setup too and my previouse setup too.


                                    So i still use my PSU but have to switch on of PSU then power on the machine, after its on it has no problem works fine, installed os been using it for 3days now with this condition in hopes of a bios update that will fix the power problem i have the latest bios on the board 28 the board come already with it.


                                    SO PLEASE INTEL FIX THIS ISSUE its not our PSUs or Boards at FAULT But i Believe its a BIOS issue so Produce a FIX i Dont want o buy another PSU or have to return the board it come a very long way from UK to Kenya.


                                    BIOS UPDATE PLEASE and IT BETTER FIX ALL THE KNOWN PROBLEMS


                                    sata port numbaring is also wrong what is written on the board and in the bios are inverted the only thing correct is the marvell sata coz its seconary but they work no issue just POINTING OUT that Numbering is wrong.


                                    BIOS UPATE PLEASE AND SOON