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      • 30. Re: Unable to output to DVI after driver install

        I had the same problem just 2 weeks ago. ECS on H67 chipset, pentium G620, monitor - SYSCOM MSC-935.

        I solved it this way:

        1) connect monitior to VGA connector on the motherboard, so we have acces to monitor menu

        2) find "Input mode" menu item

        3) then switch this item to DVI mode and save settings

        4) connect monitor to the motherboard by DVI cable

        Thats it:)

        I'm glad if this post will be helpful for someone:)

        • 31. Re: Unable to output to DVI after driver install

          Thanks for your suggestion. I have no doubt that it's successful with your Syscom monitor, but it doesn't work with my old Viewsonic VA912b. Apparently it doesn't output the EDID data which the Intel chipset wants to see.

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            I blame Intel.  I have a 2 year old HP 2509m monitor that worked fine on 3 other systems with ATI and Nvidia graphics with HDMI.  Now on my new Toshiba P740 with Intel HD 3000 I am forced to use VGA because the HDMI overscans with blurry text and misreports the monitor as a digital TV.  Toshiba and Intel point fingers at each other and I have little faith this will ever be resolved short of replacing my monitor.  VGA works ok but forget about viewing anything requiring a protected path, ie blu ray.


            I'll never buy anything again with Intel integrated graphics.  HD 3000 has decent performance but Intel is pathetic with driver support which crosses out any gains in hardware they may be achieving with their newer graphic chipsets.  I regret not ordering the toshiba with the A6/ATI combo.


            These forums seem useless for the most part.  Intel does not seem to resolve or care about fixing driver related failures.  Toshiba is no better.  I'm finding out they also make nice hardware but their tech support is probably the worst I have ever used.


            Probably the only hope for a self fix is to use an application called DTCCalculator by clever technologies.  I looked into that and its over my head and do not understand how it works.  It alters the registry but some have success getting their monitors to work correctly with HDMI/DVI.

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              I've had two problems with graphics.

              My DG45ID board electronics was apparently altered due to the decreased signal resulting from using a VGA to DVI adapter.  The board lacks a VGA input so an old monitor required it.  A newer LCD monitor required using the VGA output in order for power states to work correctly.  No fix other than using the adapter has been found.  Any change in hardware voids warranties but it is a waste to have limited capability of monitor swaps.

              Another DG45ID worked with onboard 3000 graphics until installing Visual Studio 11 preview.  Stuttering on scrolling when using the software was the primary problem.  It is now clear that adding a graphics card was not needed, only allowing the system to equilibrate for a couple weeks was needed. The similar system that provided the card worked fine immediately without it.  I don't know if this is due to registry changes or simply rearrangement of files on the drive.

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