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    Is there a way to boost audio output from D510MO?


      We are using a number of Intel Atom D510MO boards and the audio output is a bit lower than what we would have expected.  We have all of the volume settings maxxed out from within the Windows 7 controls but it's still a little low.  We were wondering if there is some sort of tweak that can be done with Realtek chip settings or somewhere else that could boost the output.


      We are seeing around -10dBm into a 600 ohm connection but we would like to see around +8dBm.


      Any advice, tips, tricks, tweaks, etc?  Is there a list of specs with that type of detail on what we should expect from the audio out jack on the board?  I have the board's tech specs document from Intel but it doesn't seem to have that kind of info.