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    Alternate Motherboards for SR2300 Server Chassis


      I have an Intel SR2300 server chassis that came with an Intel SE7501WV2 "SSI TEB" form factor motherboard. I'm looking to replace the current motherboard with a 64 bit capable motherboard and CPU(s). Anyone know whether I can use another "SSI TEB" form factor motherboard with this case.


      I have read that at least a Front Side Bus of 800 MHz is required to support 64bit capable CPUs. Can someone confirm this? The Intel SE7520JR2 and Intel SE7320VP2 are 800 MHz FSB boards with the same "SSE TEB" form factor. Do either of these sound like a viable replacement?


      How about using a "SSE TEB 2.1" form factor motherboard like the newer LGA771 Socket Intel S5000 series boards. I can't find many details pointing out the differences between them.


      If modification is necessary let me know, just looking for a little help for keeping this chassis useful.