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    removing intel hd graphics family driver


      I seem to be having a driver conflict with a Powercolor HD 6850 and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. My rig is a Asus p8z68, i5 2390t.


      I am using a DVI monitor and HDMI a HDTV as monitors. This is a build that is about 2 weeks old. Initally I had both monitors working as dual or single display wihtout problem. But  now when I have both monitors plugged into the graphics card both of the screens will only boot up to the desktop screen, no desktop icons, no mouse functionality.


      However if I disconnect one of the monitors the remaining screen immediatly shows the desktop icons and mouse curser.


      So I checked the device manager and found both the HD 6850 driver and the Intel HD graphics family driver were installed. I disabled the intel driver but I still have the same problem. The intel driver must have downloaded thru windows download manager without my knowing.


      My question is, is there anything more I need to know in the removal of the intel driver besides just the standard uninstall proceedure? I ask as I know there are specific issues in the removal of other graphics drivers and was wondering if anyone had experiences with the intels graphic driver removal.


      Thanks in advance.

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          You system seems to be having a driver/operating system corruption. In this case you can uninstall any of the video drivers and Windows* will use a generic one with limited functionally while the actual driver is loaded.


          To prevent any kind of issues, make sure to use the latest drivers that are provided by your motherboard or computer manufacturer and do not use the generic drivers provided through Microsoft* updates, and avoid the usage of generic drivers through our site.


          If the issue persists, the only option left would be a operating system repair or restore or a fresh install of the operating system.

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            Hello Deigo,


            Thanks for the advice.  Yes I am aware I am experiencing a driver / system corruption issue.


            My question is, is there anything more that I need to do to fully remove the Intel HD Graphics Family Driver other than the standard Windows driver removal proceedure?


            I as as there seems to be issues in the removal of AMD and nVidea drivers that extend beyond simply the standard Windows removal proceedure and would like to know if there is more to the intel graphics driver removal that I am unaware of before taking the step of an OS reinstall.