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    Are You Thinking Differently About IT Value?

    Christopher Peters

      I often blog and talk publicly about the ever changing role of IT and as we approach the end of 2011, the discussion amongst IT leaders, IT managers, CIOs and industry analysts is peaking once again.  The forces acting on IT - from both a technology perspective and business perspective - are some of the strongest I have seen since joining Intel IT a little more than 2 years ago. 


      A couple weeks ago Roger Camrass from EC Insight wrote a blog that captured my attention - "When the I in CIO Stands for Innovation".  As you can guess based on the title, Roger advocates for senior IT leaders to shift from the mindset of being utility operators to strategic value creators.  He urges organizations to account for disruptive forces, use technology as a business innovation tool and advocates for measuring the value of IT through new business oriented metrics.


      Roger's challenge to the CIO community to think differently resonates inside Intel IT as we have found that we need to do exactly that as we actively deployed cloud, embraced IT consumerization, began transforming our enterprise security model in 2011.  In the next few days the IT team at Intel will release our 11th edition of the Intel IT Performance Report (on www.intel.com/IT) where you will find that Intel IT is not only thinking differently, but acting differently as well.


      2011-2012 Intel IT Performance Report cover.JPG

      Inside this version the Intel IT annual performance report you will find out why self-service IT solutions, custom business intelligence tools and secure access to services from personal devices are now imperatives for success - and how the Intel IT team is taking an active leadership role by embracing bold IT innovation to make these solutions a reality.


      So my question to you in this community remains ... "Are you thinking differently about IT value?"

      ..... if so, share with me how this is impacting your IT strategies, investments and most importantly, your business results


      Chris (@chris_p_intel)

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          For my Clients, especially those within the Financial Services and Capital Markets, IT value has been traditionally measured by the cost effectiveness of any investment in IT Infrastructure or modernization.  Recently, I have been getting inquiries from many of them who are now viewing their IT Assets as ways to create a supply chain that disintermediates traditional banking services.  Part of this is in response to the rise of alternative settlement vendors such as PayPal, etc. that form a direct relationship with the consumer.  Their biggest fear is that the profitability chain will shift to these third-parties and they are now scrambling to innovate on new platforms, particularly Mobile Devices.  The next big value driver, in my opinion, is the use of Cloud Conputing Devices created specifically for the purpose of creating a secure, direct access, and unique view of the data consumed, without the need for multiple intermediaries.

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            Christopher Peters

            John, Thanks for your comment. It is interesting to hear how mobility, cloud are converging in your line of business - from both a risk and opportunity standpoint.


            Consistent with your statement below, I'm also seeing and reading a lot more these days where supply chain concepts are influencing the thinking of the IT value chain.  We experienced this inside our own private cloud environment at Intel.