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      i have server platform sr1600urhsr and backplane ASR1500SASBP


      BMC - 0.58

      HSC - 2.17

      ME - 1.12

      SDR 0.26

      BIOS 0.60


      in backplane integrated SAS RAID LSI 1064e

      NVDATA 25.02ver

      MPT firmware

      LSI Logic Config Utility


      i wont to create raid1 on HW RAID


      in BIOS i set

      Intel SAS Raid Module to  IT/IR RAID


      But in the menu there is no such point "RAID Properties", and in the documentation http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/d29305015_raid_swg.pdf such  point is that I do not so , whether usage of this controler generally is  possible


      1. how to make array raid1?

      2. how to update firmware LSI 1064e controller?