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        Excelente!!!  despues de dias sin exito, encontre tu post y funciona a la perfeccion

        ¿por que intel no pone esto en la placa D875PBZ?

        te felicito y mil gracias, ya estaba a punto de rendirme

        instalacion exitosa windows 7 32 bits en mb intel d875pbz raid 0 de 1 tb 4 gb ram


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          I tried to use the utility to create the driver files to a floppy disk. Unfortunately I could not get the tool to work. I keep getting various errors about not supported structure. I tried formatting the disk couple of times, but no help there. I even tried mapping a network folder as A:, but that didn't help either. Would somebody be so kind as to put the files up somewhere for a little while so I could give Win8 a try on my old PC. Thanks.

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            Hi there blend.


            Here you go - I've uploaded the driver files to megaupload




            Let me know if it fails to work

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              I'm too running into the issue with Windows 8.  Fortunately, I'm installing it on a computer I don't really use anymore and I don't mind wiping all content on the drives.  So my issue is that I'm trying to disable the RAID drive completely and use the hard drives as just normal SATA drives; I thought that this would allow me to install them without having to go through that problem.



              Here's the deal though, I went into the Storage Manager and told it to remove them both from RAID (erasing data... which was fine).  However, it's still giving me issues because of the RAID.  If I disable the RAID in BIOS, I don't have the drives show up at all.  I realize this is probably just me missing something, so I'm hoping someone can help me out here - in a typical BIOS, how would I disable RAID and get the drives to just show up in SATA?  I know every BIOS is slightly different, but what should I be looking for?  I know that the drives will likely need to be formatted again - is their some sort of utility that I should run before Windows 8?  I assumed Windows 8 could format them (previous versions of Windows could) but it won't do me any good if they don't show up at all.



              I guess the other thing I might be missing is in the way the drives are hooked up internally.  Are there cables that I should be switching internally to get them to run as normal SATA instead of off the RAID?  I wasn't thinking there would be, but honestly I'm not ultra familiar with RAID setups (I'm pretty computer-literate past that, but I've not really messed with RAIDs a whole lot).



              So... any help you can get is very much appreciated!




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                Hi WaterOz


                Every motherboard is different - and very often the BIOS too..

                Best guess is to find (or download) the manual for your motherboard, and follow the guidelines in there.


                As for the drives - you could remove one of the drives - so you're no longer in RAID setup.

                (you will still have to change the settings in BIOS though).


                If it's IDE hard drives - remember to set the dip switch to master (or CS - cable select).


                Wish you luck


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                  For anybody wanting to use the 82801ER (ICH5R) Chipset ( device ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24DF&CC_0104 ) with newer Windows systems:


                  Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit)

                  I tried everything possible (Intel matrix driver versions,, and varios downloads from some shady sites proclaiming the drivers were 64bit compatible - while they were merely the same as the ones from the Intel site) but withouht success. I never got the option to install 82801ER - although the driver from intel promises to be compatible with 64bit operating systems. With 2008 R2 trying to install the version I only can choose between the 82801FR and the 82801GR/GH SATA Raid Controller. Installation succeeds but no drive shows up to install the operating system (using the tipp ofdlewisfl but you could in a installed environment also right-click the SATA Controller ->Update Driver Software -> Browse my compute for driver software -> Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer -> Show all devices -> Next -> Have Disk (remember only through this way you can uncheck "Hide incompatible drivers for this hardware"


                  Windows Server 2008 (32bit)
                  the driver work like a charm. just use the floppy or, on another computer, open the iata55_enu.exe with 7z or file-roller or whatever, extract everything and then run setup.exe with the options -a and -p, eg: setup.exe -a -p c:\iata55. use the extracted drivers to put on a usb-disk or floppy. And choose the right SATA controller (82801ER)


                  It is a shame that ICH5R does not work with 64bit servers, so I had to use an additional SATA Raid controller. if somebody succeeded somehow to have windows 2008 R2 installed on a ICH5R SATA Raid, please let me know!

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