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        Hey guys


        I posted here a couple of weeks ago, so people still having issues.
        I wanted to give an update on my experience with this mainboard.


        For first, Im running this board now with the recent update rock-solid (as MTR has said, if it boots up it stays rock solid).

        What happend so far was that I first  exchanged my Zotac GTX285 with an Palit GTX470 one, it wasnt about the board though.

        My usual way with dealing hardware is to exchange/sell hardware and again buy newer one, so this is usual - the card

        wasnt connected with the problems I had after all.


        What I next happend to exchange was the power supply, a Tagan Piperock 800W (which supported me well the last 4 years)

        with an Cougar 700W - this seem to be the key element to my "random reboot" troubles - its funny,

        of course one could have been expecting this outcome saying it must have to do with the power supply.

        However this power supply did ran fine in the old mainboard (Asus P6T WS Pro) Im unsure whether its connected to the new board

        or it just happen to break (or some semiconductors getting old) just at the same time I was exchanging the mainboard.

        The power supply could run hours even days without trouble, eventually completing all bench's including Furmark (whether with the new graphic card or the old one)  - however in a couple of games after like 5-10min as well as I wanted to overclock I occured this random reboots.


        So these are gone now, I can now tell that Im even to enable XMP with my 2x6GB triple kit OCZ Platinum and no random reboots or boot problems at all - even with the most recent BIOS update (which seems to be the most developed one anyways).

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          Hello M.T.R


          Thanks for fast reply,


          I tried the bios recovery method (remove the bios jumper & insert CD), however i placed the "SO0876C.BIO" file  on the CD instead of the "SO0603P.BIO" file,

          and nothing happened, no monitor signal !


          Could it be because i am using the "SO0603P.BIO" file ? but when i downloaded the recient bios update, in the same download page intel recommended the "SO0603P.BIO" file in the case of recovery


          Anyways i returned my mobo yesterday to the retailer after i giving up, i explained the problem to them & now it is in maintenance and i dout they will find a solution other than replacing the corrupted bios.


          I really had a bad feeling about this motherboard from the first place, i was giong to purchase the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R but the retailer told me that the intel mobo was better & more stable !, now i regret listining to him, my friend has the gigabyte mobo & he has the same memory brand as mine & it is operating at 1600 MHz with no problems & his system is very stable & cool, so i am gona give up the intel board & go for the Giagabyte board.


          I also learned from my mistake is to never purchase an intel mobo ever again again, i have always been a fan of intel processors but i now think that intel is just not up to the task of making high end mobos .

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            I've had this board now for about 5-6 months.  Most of that time has been spent fighting with memory issues like many others posting in this thread.  The ram I went with originally was Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D 1600MHz 8-8-8-24 1.65v.  "Basic" settings in BIOS chooses 1067MHz despite the rams SPD speed being 1333MHz.  1333MHz 8-8-8-24 1.5vspeed would result in the most stable experience, though Prime95 showed errors between 8 and 14 hours of testing.  XMP worked occasionally, but would eventually reboot the system and do the red flashy light thing.  Also when I ran at 1600MHz, I was unable to resume from a sleep state, the system would just never wake up all the way.


            Not content to only have occasional problems, I decided to add another 3 piece kit of TR3X6G1600C8D to the board, and on the same weekend as a BIOS update no less.  From this point on the memory refused to play nice in windows 7 when running at 1600MHz, however I tested the crud out of it with memtest in various combinations.  One stick at a time, all 6 passed, 3 sticks at a time, both kits passed, and 6 sticks at a time passed on several passes but the system also rebooted itself once or twice.  The real trouble happened in windows, where I could rarely complete the boot process before getting a bluescreen/reboot.


            At this point I contacted Intel's Live chat tech support and found them to be most unhelpful and in some cases, downright rude and condescending.  I've since talked to them on multiple occasions and each time they tell me my CPU can't support 1.65v ram.  Corsair describes this ram as "Guaranteed to work on all triple channel Intel platforms" and as supporting "i3, i5, i7 processors", and XMP is an Intel term.  It also says in the motherboard manual not to run memory voltage over 1.65v or you may damage the CPU (which implies that 1.65v is safe).  One agent told me that the motherboard supports the voltage, but the CPU doesn't.  And when asked which CPU available for this board does support 1.65v ram, I was told "None".  Well obviously someone's not being completely honest now are they?


            I contacted Corsair and their response was that I should exchance the two 6GB kits for one 12GB kit, an offer I took them up on.  So as of this point were now talking about Corsair CMD12GX3M6A1600C8, which from what I can tell is quite similar to the other set except it features the DHX pro connector to support temperature monitoring and the fins are blue instead of black.  Otherwise very similar...and no they didn't solve my problem immediatly.  Same exact performance issues.....


            So I finally decided to try the Corsair forums.  Let's admit it, it can be hard to find solutions in a forum sometimes..you just find more people having various problems not quite identical to your own.  I describde the above situation, and posted all my timings and a very nice person suggested I increase my QPI (Uncore) voltage to a value between 1.35v and 1.45v.  The default according to BIOS is 1.225 and my XMP profile was lowering it to 1.2.  I decided to try a small step up to 1.25v, slightly above default.


            So now here I am, running 12GB (6x2GB) at 1600MHz 8-8-8-24 memory=1.65v uncore=1.25v and I havent crashed since (over 24 hours).  I've run Intel's stress tests for memory and a few minutes of Prime95 just to rule out serious issues, and so far all is good.  I'm even able to resume from a sleep state now, whereas before I was never ever able to do this running at 1600MHz.  It's slightly disappointing that the XMP profile doesn't work without custom changes, but considering its the result of colaboration between intel and 3rd party manufacturers, it's not surprising.


            Is my CPU going to explode?  So far everyone but Intel says no.  If it does, I'm more comfortable spending another $250 on another one than I would be trying to extract any useful advice from an Intel tech support agent.


            If you like you can visit the thread here http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=534124#post534124

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              I have something of an issue with the DX58S02 as well, but this is regarding updating my BIOS.  I currently have the 0765 BIOS installed, and I'm trying to update to the 0876 BIOS, but when I try to use the Windows installer, it shuts down my computer, reboots it, and then hangs with the motherboard reporting an error code "6F".  No video and no initialization of the keyboard.  I have to hit the reset button and then the power button to restart, and it will then boot back into Windows as though nothing happened,


              The same result occurs if I try to se the IFLASH2 utility, and using the /nr switch will simply return the message that this system doesn't support flashing the bios without rebooting.


              If I try to go into the F7 bios flash menu, the system freezes with the error code "E7".  I have to power the computer off and then back on, and otherwise boots into Windows and performs normally.


              If there is anyone who has any insight into how I can get this thing to flash, it would be appreciated.  So far I haven't had too much of a problem with this computer, this is really just the only snag.

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                If you are tring to use the windows EXE file to update the bios , the best way is download the file save it to the desktop . Go OFF line disable all of the security software , and I mean ALL of it , fire walls antivirous , antispam ,if you use Norton disable auto update and backup , any of these things can cause a unsuseful update the security software treats the BIOS update like a virous. So right now do a BIOS recovery , than start over with the security stuff off. Than do it like I'm telling you . should work fine .

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                  Did you try the recovery bios update method?  Its recommended when a BIOS update has failed in a way that you system will no longer boot.  Youll want to follow the instructions provided by intel, but I believe you remove the bios jumper and insert a USB brive with the .BIO file on it.  Power the system up and it should go right into updating.

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                    we have to PCs with the DX58SO2.


                    with the first we got problems after going to a higher BIOS than 0603.

                    we tried to get back to the original BIOS, but this didn't help 100%.


                    the only help was to RMA the board, get back a new board with BIOS 0603 on it, and leave it like it is.

                    since that we have nomore problems with the board.


                    with the second PC we had this experience from the first board. so we never updated the bios right away and left the original 0603 on it.

                    we had never problems with this board.


                    this is my tip.

                    use the original bios and be happy.


                    both pcs work rock stable in our studio.



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                      Hard to say, aint it.

                      I'm running with the recent bios without trouble (by now),

                      are there very different versions of the PCB - I wonder what's causing

                      the whole trouble....

                      To me in the very end, the original BIOS was unbearable (long boots etc., couple of bugs)...

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                        hi Therion,


                        there are some mistakes with 0603,

                        it don't know the auto settings for many rams.


                        fortunately we have noted them down, when we were at last bios.

                        so when we got the rma board, we set the ram manually with these values.


                        also we don't overclock.

                        we use the two pcs in our studio.


                        i think tuning around, overclock and so on, is not a good idea for this board.

                        however, we didn't buy it for that, we wanted just a powerful, heatstable board.

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                          I feel like the luckiest person in the thread...  Wait a minute....


                          I happened to win a DX58SO2 as a door prize at a LAN Party, though based on this thread it sounds more useful as a door stop.


                          Even worse, I built a system around it, failing to do my homework beforehand (dang newegg black friday sales...).


                          I've got the 0603 bios, here's the rest of the system:


                          Core i7 950 with stock cooler, stock speeds, no overclocking.


                          2 sticks of 4gb Corsair CMX8g3m2b1600c9 ram running at stock speeds or whatever intel sets it at automatically.


                          An OCZ ZS-750w PSU, rated for i7 and sli.


                          an EVGA 560 ti superclocked edition.


                          a 1TB Seagate win7x64 Home Premium main drive running on a blue sata3 port.

                          2 - 2TB Seagates running in a raid 1 on the black sata ports.

                          1 optical on black sata.


                          I had very little difficulty putting the system together, and haven't experienced many of the nightmarish issues listed in this thread.  (I built it over the weekend, and am still evaluating it)


                          The issue I'm having, is that the PC will just randomly freeze.  I've done some CPU/GPU stressing, put an extra fan on the northbridge, and run a quick windows memory test, finding no issues.  I'm convinced the problem isn't with temperature, and that it's all software/firmware (not sure if it's OS, bios, or raid though).


                          I've played BF3 for hours on this thing, then had it lock up less than 15 minutes later surfing the web.  When it locks, I don't get error messages or BSODs,  The screen freezes, and I lose mouse and keyboard functionality.  (The system clock in the right corner does not update it's time either, so it must be more than that.


                          I left it on last night pulling down steam games, and it ran all night.  i logged in to check this morning, and it was still working, but it was powered off when I came home from work today.  Based on the download progress, it locked up or powered down shortly after I checked it that morning.  I also got an error from win7 that mentioned the system couldn't restore itself from hibernation (prompt to try and resume, or delete old files and boot).  Nothing helpful in the event logs.


                          Seeing as how I won this, anyone have any helpful advice, or recommendations for trying to RMA the thing if the symptoms get worse?


                          Based on this thread, it sounds like I should stick with the 0603 bios, and keep my fingers crossed for now.


                          PS, nearly locked up while posting this, not sure how it recovered.

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                            The CPU I750  Uses DDR3-800 or DDR3-1060 , But you have installed  DDR31600,   In The BIOS what speed is the RAM running at ??  The CPU has a built -In Memerory controler.

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                              I just got 3 of these boards. And 1 of them seems to have the power-on glitch. It's driving me crazy. I don't really have access to the other 2, but I think they're okay.


                              At first the problem board was having the sleep issue, it wouldn't wake up from sleep. Updated the BIOS to the latest 876 I believe. And it's having the power-on problem, maybe it was having that issue before, not sure. Every now and then the diagnostic digits stay at 00 right when you power it on. After about 6 seconds, it power cycles itself. Then sometimes it comes out if and the digits will continue and boot fine, but every now and then it will stay at 00 until you hit the RESET button then it power cycles itself again and it boots fine. Sometimes hitting the power button has no affect when it locks up like this.


                              So does anyone know if reverting the BIOS back to 603 would help in this situation?


                              I'm using some g.skill ripjaws 1600 XMP 9-9-9-25 1.5v RAM. Using some standard Crucial 1G DDR3 RAM made no difference, I don't think it's anything to do with the RAM.

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                                quote: "So does anyone know if reverting the BIOS back to 603 would help in this situation? "


                                I thought yes.


                                But I was wrong.


                                Only RMA the board helps in fact.

                                newest BIOS knows best the JEDEC Ram tables and sets up right the parameters.


                                RMA the board and install newest BIOS right away and be happy.



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                                  M.T.R wrote:


                                  quote: "So does anyone know if reverting the BIOS back to 603 would help in this situation? "


                                  I thought yes.


                                  But I was wrong.


                                  Only RMA the board helps in fact.

                                  newest BIOS knows best the JEDEC Ram tables and sets up right the parameters.


                                  RMA the board and install newest BIOS right away and be happy.



                                  Alright. Well thanks for the quick response. I guess I'll have to RMA  it. I hope I have all the parts lying around to send it back. I know  how NewEgg can be about original packaging..



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                                    Here are my CPU-Z numbers for Memory and SPD




                                    Any Surprises?  System seems to be behaving better today, but that's probably just to lure me into a false sense of security.  Also, I haven't tried to hammer on it.