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    Add an ISCSI disk to Windows 7, can I do that?


      I've got Windows 7, booting off 300gb drive (drive C:).


      I want to add an ISCSI drive to the system, mounted by my Intel NIC.
      My ISCSI back end is a qnap NAS, I can mount a LUN off the qnap with either the Windows ISCSI initiator or through the NIC.  Both work OK, but I don't like doing it in Windows due the delay it creates when starting and stopping Windows.
      Now the problem...
      When I mount the ISCSI disk with the NIC it shows up in the computer BIOS as a hard drive (which is cool).
      Then I have the option of selecting which drive to boot from in the BIOS (computer BIOS not NIC firmware), I can pick the physical drive or the ISCSI drive.
      I want to continue to boot from the physical drive so I select that as the primary boot device, assuming the ISCSI drive would show up as D: in windows.
      Windows starts to load, then freaks out.  A little icon is on the screen for many minutes, then Windows comes up and says it can not boot and will try to correct the problem.  So obviously it is reading Windows off C: or it would not get that far.
      In the end it says the problem can not be fixed, if I look a the log the troubleshooter created it does a rollback to last good known loader... but that does nothing.
      Should I even be able to mount an ISCSI device with the NIC but not actually boot off it, or is what I am trying impossible?
      If you have any idea how I might be able to do it please let me know.