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    DZ68BC LAN not found on MS Home Server Recovery Disk


      Trying to restore from backup to my new DZ68BC system (to fix a mistake I made in configuring storage).


      MS Home Server recovery boot CD does its thing, correctly discovers all storage devices on the board, but does NOT discover and configure the built-in network, either wired or wireless.


      As a result, can't reach my home server, so I can't restore my system image from backup.  No joy.


      I've tried various approaches to convince the recovery application to get the right drivers from a USB key during startup, but so far I haven't found an approach that works.


      Anyone here encountered this one?  Does Intel support have a solution?


      I'll keep working it, and if I find an answer, I'll post the solution here for future reference.


      The key (per Microsoft) seems to be to have the right LAN drivers ready and waiting at the root level of the USB key, available for discovery by the recovery application.  The challenge is to ID those drivers from the shovelware global configuration that Intel provides.

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          I believe you are out of luck... Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Controller is not supported under Server operating system. According to intel release notes for Ethernet Driver v16.7 (latest) it says:


          NOTE: The following devices do not have driver or software support for Windows Server 2008:
          - Intel® 82566MC Gigabit Network Connection
          - Intel® 82566MM Gigabit Network Connection
          - Intel® 82567LF Gigabit Network Connection
          - Intel® 82567V Gigabit Network Connection
          - Intel® 82577LC Gigabit Network Connection
          - Intel® 82579V Gigabit Network Connection

          As you already know Windows Home Server is bulid upon Windows Server Operating system. WHS v1.0 (WinServer 2003), WHS 2011 (WinServer 2008).


          I dont know if you can overcome this barrier. I believe your best solution might be to get a dedicated Ethernet Controller which is supported under Windows Server 2003-2008 operating systems.

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            1. Download the LAN driver from Intel and save it in a temporary folder on one of your PC's.

            2. Install the program "Universal Extractor" and select the option to integrate it with Windows Explorer.

            3. Go back to the folder with the LAN driver, right click on the .exe file and select "UniExtract to SubDir" from the context menu.

            4. A subdirectory is created in the folder with the files that you need.

            5. In this subdirectory, locate the folder PRO1000 and continue in this folder to the NDIS62 folder. Here you will find the drivers that you"ll want to copy to the root of your USB stick.


            Good luck!



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              Thanks.  I actually tried this approach as one of my experiments.  I used WinZip to extract the files, not the Universal Extractor tool, but the result's the same.


              I also discovered (by reading the fine help screen on the recover-from-home server process!) that when Home Server takes a backup of a client system, it creates a subdirectory in the backup set that contains all of the drivers that it thinks might be needed to restore the client machine.  So the procedure is to put the contents of that subdirectory on your USB stick and present that to the recovery agent at restore time.


              So I tried that last night.  Still no success, but this time I think it's because I've got a glitchy USB stick - not because I don't have the correct approach.


              So the plan is to get a new USB stick and try again!


              This one isn't intuitive, but it makes sense when you think about it.

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                Issue is not with using the DZ68BC board to build a home server - I'm trying to restore the backup of a client DZ68BC board FROM a home server-based backup.  The MS-supplied recovery disk doesn't include the drivers for the Intel NIC chip on the DZ68BC.  So the issue revolves around supplying those drivers to the recovery process at execution time.  See below for details on how to do that.  Haven't successfully executed it yet, but I think I've got line of sight to a solution.

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                  Are you recovering a 64-bit client? If so be advised that the "Windows Home Server Drivers for Restore" folder in the backup set will contain the 64-bit drivers.

                  But...the recovery application on the recovery CD is a 32-bit application and so requires the 32-bit LAN drivers which you need to download from Intel.

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                    I was wondering about that, actually.  Yes, the client image to be restored is 64-bit.  So I'm back to manual extraction of the 32-bit drivers.  Thanks for the help, Luc.  Very valuable.

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                      Still no joy.  This is getting frustrating.  I may have to just give up and rebuild from scratch.  My fault for making a bad configuration choice when setting up RST.  Sigh.


                      I bought a new USB key, since the old one was acting flakey, just to eliminate that possible source of issues.  (Thinking about getting a USB-attached floppy, just to be able to hear that reassuring mechanical indication that something's actually happening, instead of wondering if the program is REALLY reading the USB key before it issues the 'drivers not found' message.)


                      According to the technical specs for the board, this thing uses the 82579V Gigabit Ethernet controller.  A search here for drivers for this NIC leads me to this page, from which I dutifully downloaded PROWin32.EXE.  I extracted the various contents of this compressed executable.


                      I opened the resulting 'PRO1000' folder, navigated to the 'Win32' subfolder, and then to the 'NDIS62' subfolder.  Then I copied all of the contents of this subfolder to the root level of my new USB key, inserted it into the system in response to the Restore CD's prompt, and clicked 'scan for drivers'.


                      Same message: "can't find drivers for your hardware".  Still no LAN.  So still can't restore my OS image from the Home Server, which has been dutifully backing things up every day.  Just for fun, I also tried the other 32-bit drivers for previous variants of NDIS.  Same result.


                      I've done many restores using the WHS restore feature, but never of a 64-bit client.  Scanning the Web, I see that there are MANY instances of this issue.


                      I don't really care about the general problem - that's Microsoft's challenge.  I only care about getting THIS Intel board to become restoreable so I don't have to rebuild from scratch.


                      Not sure where to go from here.  I suppose I could yank the hard drive and attempt to install the OS image directly by attaching it to a spare slot in my home server and laying it down directly.  Seems like overkill, but beats reinstalling from scratch.  Or perhaps the USB key isn't being read directly (though I'm booting from a USB-connected DVD connected to the port next to the one being used for the stick).


                      Is there some way to create a recovery CD that contains the right drivers already on it, I wonder?


                      And to think that Microsoft views this as consumer-level usable.  Sheesh!


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                        Looks like you have downloaded the drivers for Windows 7.

                        But the restore application is based on 32-bit Vista. Can you try the "PROWinVista_32_v16.7.exe" from here:



                        I would just copy the 3 folders "NDIS5x", "NDIS61" and "NDIS62" from the "PRO1000\Win32" to your USB stick as the recovery application searches all the subfolders on the stick for a valid driver.



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                          The Win7 package includes drivers for XP, Vista and Win7, contained within the 'NDISxx.x' folder that's appropriate for the NDIS version that applies to each of those OS's.


                          I am happy to report joy.  I put the Vista drivers at the root level of the stick (and also kept the extracted folder structure itself, just in case).  At the appropriate prompt in the recovery procedure, I inserted the stick and clicked 'scan for drivers'.


                          The first time, got 'no drivers found'.  At this point, I confess that I basically threw a tantrum.  After 3 days of fighting this, I was frustrated.


                          My tantrum was manifested by re-executing the 'scan for drivers' request multiple times, with the stick inserted in multiple different USB ports, front-panel and back-panel.


                          Somewhere along the line, apparently, things started working.  The driver was found, the device was discovered, my Home Server was found, and my backup images were located.  JOY!


                          Message: Don't give up.  Microsoft still needs to get their act together on the recovery disk contents, but it IS possible to safely recover a 64-bit client image.


                          Thanks for staying with me on this, Luc.  Hopefully others will benefit from this exchange.

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                            Your problem was likely the result of plugging into a USB3.0 port - which itself need a driver to activate...

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                              Morten Nissen

                              I don't belive that it's USB 3 port that you used, like the reply under says.


                              The solution is to download the cd with all the drivers and platforms and then copy that to an USB. I made 3 folders (100, 1000 and GB) and copied the windows drivers from each folder on the CD to same folder on the USB. Then WHS found the driver. I didn't bother to try to find out whitch of the drivers it liked, but it work and that the main thing.


                              This is the CD with the drivers I used:  Download Center


                              I hope that others might have use for this solution since the hardware and sorftware is still being used, even if it's almost 1 year since last reply here.