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    WIDI not working brand new asus U46E


      WIDI error unsupported notebook hardware, this is a top of the line machine; specks as follows: Asus - Laptop / Intel® Core™ i7 Processor / 14" Display / 8GB Memory / 750GB Hard Drive. All drivers show up to date.


      Someone please help me.



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          The WiDi appears to be flakey.


          Few months ago on my new system it didn't work.  I had to go into installed programs and "repair" the Intel WIDI install.  I found instructions online for how.  After that, it worked great.


          Now, I'm getting "Unsupported notebook hardware".  I haven't changed the hardware.  From reading through other posts, this appears to be fragile.  I"ll probably have to install and uninstall software.

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            Uninstalling and reinstallin the WIDI application worked, I have display on my TV again.


            Search and find instructions, and see if that helps you.


            Comments here seem to say that various Windows updates can break the program.


            My previous problem was about the DLL, repairing the install fixed that nicely (instructions elsewhere).

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              I have tried reinstalling the drivers, no help.  I have tried to repair the program, no help.  I have downloaded the latest version it will not let me install it as it says the hardware is unsupported.





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                Thank you for the post. I have included a link to the system requirements for Intel® Wireless Display. In order for the software to install your system must meet the requirements on the following page.


                Wireless Display system requirements:



                If you find that your system does meet the requirements listed there then please follow this second link to the installation instructions, which includes links to all the downloads.


                Software and Drivers for Intel® Wireless Display + Installation Steps:



                Should you find that your system does not meet all the requirements then unfortunately Intel® Wireless Display would not be supported on your system.


                If your system is fully compatible, and is not working. I would suggest completely removing all software and drivers associated with Intel® Wireless Display, and then follow the second link that I have included to get this working. Should you have any issues after that please repost and we will respond.


                If your system was working, and then stopped it is possible that you may have had an update to a driver or other windows component that caused Intel® Wireless Display to stop working. Following the steps on the second link should resolve the issue for you if that is the case.





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                  my system meets all requirements, in fact the program comes pre installed on my machine, and out of the box it does not work. the laptop is a core i7 with intell wireless, you can see all the specks at bestbuy.com.



                  I have tried a reinstall of the drivers and the program and it will not work.


                  The program is clearly misidentifying the laptop components and needs to be fixed. please post a fix.



                  Thank you.

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                    I looked up the specification on both the Bestbuy site as well as ASUS. Here are the links that I found:


                    ASUS - http://bg.asus.com/Notebooks/Superior_Mobility/U46E/#specifications


                    BestBuy - http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Asus+-+Laptop+/+Intel%26%23174%3B+Core%26%23153%3B+i7+Processor+/+14%26%2334%3B+Display+/+8GB+Memory+/+750GB+Hard+Drive+-+Aluminum+Platinum/3411094.p?id=1218399174251&skuId=3411094&st=U46E&cp=1&lp=1


                    There are conflicting specifications when you look at these sites.


                    ASUS states that it has a Intel® Core™ i5 2520M/2410M Processor or a Intel® Core™ i3 2310M Processor. BestBuy says it has a Intel® 2nd Generation Core™ i7.


                    Neither site's specifications, unlike the other components listed, state that the Wireless card is a Intel® product. That would be a definite requirement in order for this to work. If the manufacturer and the Reseller dont even list the name of the wireless card then it may be a generic card. I am not able to get enough information to be able to identify the card for you, but again based on the specifications, it does not say that it is one of our products. If it is not, then the software is functioning as it was intended, in this case unfortunately, Intel® Wireless Display would not appear to be supported on your system.


                    If you have more information, like the specific model of wireless card that would be helpful.





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                      It is an i7, and it comes with the widi program pre installed on the machine so it should run it, i bought 3 of these machines and it won't run on any of them.

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                        I totally can understand the frustration that you may be having. I was not at all disputing the processor in your system. I was doing research into your issue and was reporting back what I had found.


                        As far as the application coming pre-installed the manufacturer can install what ever they would like onto a system before deploying it. There is still the issue of what Wireless Network card is installed in the system. Neither Bestbuys information nor the ASUS website stated that it is an Intel® adapter. This is a required component and if it does not exist in the system, then this feature will not work.


                        The only suggestion I have would be to look at the device manager of your computer. Under network adapters you will see listed any network cards that are installed in your computer. The wireless card will need to be one listed on the page below in order for Intel® Wireless Display to work.




                        In order for Intel® Wireless Display to work your computer needs to meet all of those requirements.


                        Thanks again for the reply and please let us know if you have further questions.



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                          Note my system came with the program pre-installed, didn't work.  Then I repaired the install, it worked.  Then stopped working saying "unsupported hardware".  This application is finicky with bad messages.


                          Sounds like you tried what I did to fix the problem.


                          Try searching this forum for other similar issues to see how they got fixed.  That's what helped me.  They may have specific steps to do the same thing that might work for you...


                          Good luck.

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                            No problem, it is an intel wireless adaptor. I have even tried re installing the intel drivers but i keep getting the same error on all three machines.

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                              it seems that intel has a problem with the program mis reading the hardware in the machine, perhaps an INTEL rep. can respond and get the software fixed.

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                                Shashi Jain

                                Sorry for your troubles here.


                                1. Did Intel WiDi work on your systems when they were fresh out of the box? You'd mentioned they were preloaded.

                                2. Go to the driver update utility: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect?iid=dc_spotlight_dctop10

                                    Is this asking you to update any driver versions?  Having the wrong version of WiFi software may result in these kinds of issues.

                                3. Are you using these systems on a corporate WiFi network or joined to a Windows domain server?


                                thx, Shashi

                                Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                                  1) The aplication was preloaded, the first time i went to run it it show searching for the tv receiver then it sudenly showed the  WIDI error unsupported notebook hardware, error.


                                  everytime thereafter it just showed the error message.


                                  2) I tried the driver update utility it showed no updates needed


                                  3) I have tried running the pc on both a home and work wifi network, i get the same WIDI error unsupported notebook hardware no matter where i run it and on all three machines.


                                  Any help would be appreciated.

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                                    Shashi Jain

                                    Thanks for this information. The indications are that the wifi module isn't being identified. Couple more questions:


                                    1. Go to the Network COnnections control panel.  How many "miniports" do you have?  The third line of the network adapter description should tell you whether a connection is a miniport.


                                    2. Open Intel My WiFi Technology control panel. Can you enable this manually? If not, does it say something about not being able to find a supported adapter?


                                    3. IF this is a work laptop, do you join a domain server? This is a very important point- sometimes domain servers push policies to Windows clients that disable miniports on your laptop. This will prevent WiDi from even starting.



                                    Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer