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    Intel GMA/3000 confusion


      Hey there


      I'm new here and was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on my confusion?


      I'm looking to buy this laptop ... http://www.asuslaptop.co.uk/proddeta...53E-SX123V-8GB


      And was just curious about what the graphic card is? As far as I know the 2nd-gen cpus have the HD 3000 but that site says the intel GMA HD which I thought was the card even before the 1st gen "I" cpus :S


      So does anyone know if this is just a wording error or the actual card? Any help appreciated

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          i5-2410M is a Sandy Bridge mobile CPU. All Sandy Bridge mobile CPUs have a HD3000 graphics iGPU built-in.

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            Ah thanks this has been confusing me for ages. Thanks for clearing it up

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              If your planning to play any games, stay away from Intel HD, nothing is supported... (Intel HD = Garbage)

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                Many games are playable with a HD3000. For Intel it was a huge jump coming from Arrandale. But I think Ivy bridge will be much better than Sandy Bridge. Driver wise there are some flaws here and there, that's correct.

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                  Lets see you play Battlefield 3 with Intel HD


                  Yes, Intel made a huge leap but the people making the games think of Intel HD as a joke, other wise they would be supported.


                  Or Intel is one of those companies, you buy our products, and we got your money now your screwed...


                  The stats on my laptop would be a gaming laptop if their was gaming support for the Intel HD... but its not


                  My next thought was to replace the motherboard on the laptop to something without on-board Intel HD video, but they dont make one (no surprise)


                  As I build my next system, I will put into thought why I will NOT be using Intel anything, As I'm feeling screwed now.


                  I think they need to talk to Nvidia and learn how to write drivers, in this section its filled by what happens when you install Intel drivers, BSOD, crashes...


                  Flaws no bad Fu*k ups, yes... like they did not think about their future with their hardware, or software when writing the drivers...


                  Lets build a our own video on-board and not get support for any new games so what if our customers trusted us we have their money...