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    DH67CL Hard Drive Problems


      I have a home built computer (serveral) I use all kinds of Intel Motheboards, never a problem until this one. My system has the I7 2600 Processor, 16 Gbs of Ram, a PNY Nvdia GeForce GTX550TI Video card, two Two TB Hard drives, two external Hard drives (Iomega's). I am using the 6.0 Hard drive connectors because both of my hard Drives  Hitachi HDSC30ACA362 and a Seagate ST3200401AS . I have two becuae the Hitachi kept locking up the system, so I thought. I bought the Seagate and kept having the same problem. It would run a few hours, and even though I have power save off, it would be locked up. It did this no matter what hard drive I had as primary. I updated drivers and the BIOS as needed, and nothing helped. I got so frustrated that I went back to my Intl Motherboard DP55WG. I have had no prblems since????

      So do I have a bad motherboard or what. I tried everything in my knowledge base and my Borthers, who is IT with a large company in my hometown and also runs a computer busianess on the side. He couldn't figure it out either. Any Ideas would be appreciated because I would like to go back to this motherboard and use all of it's features such as USB 3.0 and the 6.0 transfer rate.


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          I believe there has some requirement when use 2TB or great capacity storage use

          For your board's need RAID option ROM version v10.6.0.1091, this is include latest BIOS

          Need UEFI boot, its in Boot option in BIOS.

          Enabled AHCI, and install Microsoft AHCI driver.

          And OS, if use Windows XP 32bit then still can not use HDD, if Win XP 64bit, can use GPT disks as secondary storage only

          If Windows Vista 32bit & Win7 32bit can only support HDD/RAID >2TB for data storage.

          If Win7 64bit or Vista 64bit can use boot partition.


          I hope this is helpul for you.

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            I am running Windows 7 64 Bit Operating sysye, so I have to use raid and cannot use the SATA connectors forthe hard drives? Thanks for your help and if you could answer that for me.

            Thanks again,