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    Why My PC Hanging After Few Minutes




      I purchased an INTEL Processor i3-540 and INTEL Mother Board DH55TC model on 15 March 2011. My PC was running smoothly. But since 5-6 days, I am facing a problem with my PC.

      When I am starting my PC after several hours, it’s running smoothly for 1 – 1.30 hours. After that, the whole PC is hanging.  Then mouse, keyboard, CPU ‘On’ switch, CPU ‘Restart’ switch not working anymore. I have to switch off the CPU from my UPS. And when I am switching on my CPU again, it is running fine for only 10-15 minutes only. Then again the whole PC is hanging.

      In this hanging position, I observe the Processor’s fan is running well and Mother board’s light also on. I checked my SMPS, Ram and Hard Disk with cable. Even I formatted my Hard Disc with the new partitions. But the hanging problem remains same.

      But when I am starting my PC in BIOS mode, its running fine and with out any hang.  I kept on my PC in BIOS mode for 4-5 hours, its not hanging. But when I starting normally, it’s again hanging like same.


      I am very worried about this problem. I hope you guys help or suggest me about this problem.


      Thanking You All !

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          Guys, plz help me someone..........

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            This really sounds like overheating to me.  Even though you've confirmed that the fans are running as expected, I would check that all the vents are clear, the PC isn't blocked such as in a cabinet, near a wall, etc. and that the room is under 90 F.  I would also run an application like Intel Desktop Utilities to check the temperature of the various components.  Even with everything I mentioned and no fan problems, you could have an issue with the thermal paste between the processor and its fan, or some other odd thing that's interfering with cooling.