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    video card not compatible with my board




      I have just bought a new system with a Intel DG33BU board and a  Evertop GeForce 9400GT pcie 1x video card. Now the problem is that i can only see in 800 x 600 with 16 color. This is through the video card. I cant even get a signal from the onboard vga at all. Another thing that confuses me is that I cannot see bios at all on boot up. I just let the system sit for a bit and windows comes up in this crapy video quality.

      I have looked at the problem in device manager and the card driver details gives an error code 35. This  I have researched to mean that the firmware or bios doent have an i/o entry for that particular card. Well I flashed the bios with the latest version for this specific board as well as installed the latest chipset.

      The problem still presist and I am ready to bang my head against a wall. Any help I could get would be greatly appriciated.


      Thanks and Blessed Be,

      Josh Beck

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          Maybe you can try to uninstall the current drivers of your video card and try to install the latest drivers from Evertop and if the issue persists you can try downloading the latest driver from Nvidia for the 9400GT GPU.


          About the onboard video not working, this is because Intel chipsets with onboard graphics will automatically disable the onboard video when the PCI Express bus is populated by a video card. This means that everytime that you install a PCI Express video (x1, x4, x8 or x16) the onboard video will be disabled.


          If you have the option, try to test another video card, in that way you can determine if it is something related with the video card, the motherboard or could be just that they are not compatible eith each other.

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            Holy cow I'm having same problem. Thing is I had this card working just fine on windows xp. Now that Ive updated to windows 7 my computer isn't reading the card right. I can still use the card for display but in device manager it doesn't show up. Also the drivers will not install either because my computer isn't recognizing the card. Ive tried everything I can possible think of. changed settings in bios to pretty much every combination I can think of. Its weird because the card is displaying my video but at the same time the computer isn't recognizing it.


            I got an hd5570 vid card

            d915grv board


            to the point where i think either the pci-e slot is jacked up or vid card is messed up because nothing adds up here.


            well from what i'm reading my mobo might not be compatible with windows 7 which is what could be causing this error?