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    Feature Request - implement EDID override




      it would be nice if the Intel Graphics driver would support overriding EDID information like described in this document from Microsoft:



      Why is this needed?

      In a common HTPC (multimedia PC) setup with a PC, AVR (audio video receiver) and a television, the EDID information stored in the receiver & television that is passed to the PC determines the video and audio capabilities like: supported resolutions, supported audio formats etc ..


      The problem is that very often the system only "sees" the EDID information of the television, and not that of the receiver, and so you don't get support for audio formats like DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD that are supported by the receiver ...


      The latest Sandy bridge CPU and corresponding chipset support all these sound standards, but they often not useable cause of these EDID problems.

      Actually it really does not matter what video card / integrated graphics you use, NVidia and AMD graphics have the same problem, but their drivers

      allows people to override the EDID information like is described in the above linked document from Microsoft.


      Please implement this stuff, shouldn't be that hard to do, for one of you senior driver programmers it's probably just a few hours of work ...


      Thank you


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          Hi there!


          Your feedback is important to us and I thank you for taking the time to communicate this issue.




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            Shawn Hicks

            I continue to experience this issue. When will intel support EDID Override?

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              Currently I am using the very expensive Gefen HDMI Detective Plus to do the job of constantly providing the same EDID info to the HTPC. However, overriding it with an INF file (for example generated by MonInfo) would be a much more elegant solution.

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                Any progress on this? I'm really struggling to get my expansive HTPC to work properly with a connected Marantz AVR. A simple EDID override feature would help me greatly.

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                  Well, this would be an easy thing for Intel fix which would fix a lot of negative experience with their products when used as HTPC. So looking forward to see this one closed soon.

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                    I will NEVER buy another Intel product ever again because of this issues.

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                      Great work ignoring this Intel.

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                        I also suffer from this issue.   I purchased a very expensive Gigabyte Brix I4770R running Intel 5200 Iris Pro.   I have this connected to an LG 5.1 amp that should play 5.1 and does via XBOX 360 and Virgin Media Cable Box.   The LG amp is connected to an LG 42" TV that only supports 2 channel stereo and it's this restriction that is being picked up by the Intel card and causing windows 8.1 to restrict my sound to 2 channel.


                        I used to run an Acer Revo (NVIDIA ION) and this worked fine where I could set the sound to 5.1 in Windows.


                        Reading up on the issue it appears I am limited to using an expensive hardware splitter/switch that spoofs the EDID, running an optical cable to the amp (old school) , trying to hack the registry (really???), or waiting for Intel to implement what appears to be a MUST HAVE feature in their driver set.  I can't believe it isn't part of it already.....


                        The upside is that you can force 5.1 in Netflix and the amp does pick up the audio stream but not all apps offer this functionality.

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                          O I forgot.... I could buy a new £1000 Sony TV that does support 5.1


                          *looks at the wife*

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                            Seriously Intel. This is ridiculous. Add support for EDID override!


                            err... open source?


                            Does the hardware support the edid being injected via software???

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                              Looks like the clone_update_edid has the capability of reading an EDID from one display and "cloning" it to another within the intel graphics driver...




                              static void clone_update_edid(struct clone *clone)


                                unsigned long nitems, after;

                                unsigned char *data;

                                int format;

                                Atom type;



                                if (XRRGetOutputProperty(clone->dst.dpy, clone->dst.rr_output,

                                XInternAtom(clone->dst.dpy, "EDID", False),

                                0, 100, False, False, AnyPropertyType,

                                &type, &format, &nitems, &after, &data) == Success) {

                                XRRChangeOutputProperty(clone->src.dpy, clone->src.rr_output,

                                XInternAtom(clone->src.dpy, "EDID", False),

                                type, format, PropModeReplace, data, nitems);




                              from xf86-video-intel-2.99.917/tools/virtual.c


                              one could say, import a known edid.bin and inject it into a screen? therefor forcing it to a particular mode..


                              any avid xf86 driver coders available?

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                                1) Add OPTION_EDID_OVERRIDE to intel_options.h

                                2) Add OPTION_EDID_OVERRIDE to intel_options.c with "OverridEdid", OPTC_STRING, {0}, 0


                                more later.. come on Intel lets get this edid overriden! it looks like you've already written EDID cloning from one output to another... so it must be supported

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                                  checkout the github.




                                  It now has a option in xorg.conf for;


                                  Section "Device"

                                          Identifier "Device 1"

                                          Driver "intel"

                                          Option "EDIDOverride" "/home/lucas/sony.edid"



                                  if the file doesn't exist it'll create it the first time assuming everything is connected OK.


                                  the next time it'll load the file instead.. handy? ;0 I think so!


                                  7776.574] (==) intel(0): Depth 24, (--) framebuffer bpp 32

                                  [  7776.574] (==) intel(0): RGB weight 888

                                  [  7776.574] (==) intel(0): Default visual is TrueColor

                                  [  7776.574] (**) intel(0): Option "EDIDOverride" "/home/lucas/sony.edid"

                                  [  7776.574] (II) intel(0): Output HDMI1 has no monitor section

                                  [  7776.574] (II) intel(0): Enabled output HDMI1

                                  [  7776.574] (II) intel(0): Output DP1 has no monitor section

                                  [  7776.574] (II) in


                                  Now i'm still having an issue with a blank screen if I turn off the AVR and TV. I hope to resolve this with some further digging.

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                                    its 12:31AM and I must sleep... i've reset my AVR with the TV on and the screen came back up ok.. the screen was previously off but the audio came back on ok.


                                    it would appear that its working ok now with an edid override option ;0



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