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    S5520HC Booting Issue with attached USB Drive


      Basic Issue: With USB Hard Drive attached, S5520HC server will not boot and there is no video.

      Details: S5520HC with .48 BIOS; E5520 Xeon; SAS Module and Backplane; USB Keyboard and mouse; 2 SAS 500 GB drives; RAID 1 set during initial setup. BIOS recognizes USB mouse and 2 USB keyboards, DVD drive. If a USB drive is connecting on booting, there is no screen, fans start but cannot tell if anything is happening. Detach the USB drive and all goes well. Problem: OS updates that require re-booting have to be done locally and monitored.

      Have identical setup with SBS 2008 that boots normally. The only difference is in BIOS/Boot Options, the four in order on the successful server: SATA0: Plextor DVDR, Maxtor USB Drive, IBA GE Slot 0100, and Internal EFI Shell. On the unsuccessful server: SATAO: Plextor DVDR, Intel LUN0, Internal EFI Shell, IBA GE Slot 0100. Any ideas will be appreciated.