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    Intel Management System BIOS Driver


      I have encountered an error in my Device Manager that has me stumped.  Under 'System Devices', there is 'Intel (R) System Management BIOS Driver'; this is flagged with an exclamation error.  "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)


      Motherboard: Intel D945PSN

      BIOS: SN94510J.86A (Version 108)

      OS: Windows XP Professional SP3


      I downloaded and ran the latest Chipset software, which seemed to resolve some other issues with the onboard USB controller.  I redownloaded and reapplied the most recent BIOS.


      The error on the BIOS driver persists.  One quirk the PC is exhibiting is that if it is soft rebooted, it won't restart.  The computer essentially stops just after POST and needs to be shut down.  After waiting a few minutes, turning the machine back on will lead to it fully starting up and loading the OS.


      I've search online for a solution to this issue but to no avail.  I am hopeful that someone here may be able to provide the means to a resolution.



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          I am also having trouble with USB 3.0 PC Card issues. Is there any universal or NEC USB 3.0 Driver available for download for Windows 7 64xbit?


          Not sure what the problem really is but a lot of compatibility issues. HELP!! :?



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            I know, it is almost a year since Your post, but, maybe, this could be useful for others.I've had the similar problem with "System Management BIOS Driver", but believe me there is nothing wrong with this driver. I can not explain the reason (I'm not an IT specialist) why this problem occur, but, in my case, there was a problem with RAM. There was different frequency RAM sticks installed on my D945PSN and after I took slowest ones out the problem was resolved. So it was so simple, although, I spent a year working on this.

            Take care!

                  I forgot to tell that this poltergeist hapen`s just with latest bios update - SN94510J.86A (Version 108).