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    Help, Intel my wifi network adapter is gone.


      [img]http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6184/6209974546_fb6fdb247f_b.jpg[/img] <---Anyone know why it won't embed?

      Here is my issue. Basically it started when I was looking at my network in the control panel and i noticed I was on two networks, my regular internet one and an unidentified one. I deleted the unidentified one thinking it was something bad. The unidentified one must have been the Intel my wifi utility as now I dont have the option to enable it, thus not able to use my wireless printer which was working untill yesturday.

      I tried re-installing the drivers and unless I'm missing something it did not seem to solve my problem.


      Hopefully my screenshot above is working (guess you need to click the link)....Notice it says the network adapter is not found, yet I am on the internet as seen by the bars in the bottom corner. I was under the impression that the intel my wifi uses the same network adapter as the internet.


      I should have an option to enable or disable the adapter to connect periphials but according to my computer it does not exist.


      I want to be clear this is not a printer driver/software problem. I cannot enable the my wifi utility that used to work.