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        Emilio had the 580 and DID have the "issue".  That means all GTX 400/500 owners here had the problem.


        Which soundcard were you having problems with?


        I bought an Asus Essence STX PCIe soundcard just to avoid PCI all together.  I swore my next board wouldn't have any PCI slots on it, and then I bought the DP67BG.  I wasn't even aware that it had PCI issues, but I'm not surprised since it doesn't have native PCI -- they had to add PCI slots with a PLX bridge chip at added expense and complexity.  I was initially considering the WS Revolution, but it was more money and I really liked the BG.  The new Maximus Gene-z uATX Z68 has two x16 and one x4 which is also attractive. The fact that Intel thought PCI didn't need to exist anymore was in sharp contrast to the fact that they didn't follow their own proscriptions -- even their own USB 3.0 internal header setup didn't make the cut either. 


        Emilio, I asked the Intel rep if they could attach a message or warning at least to the 2053 bios -- I was told that he would try to get the appropriate department to look in to it (one day).  So I wouldn't hold your breath.  Intel is a massive, massive company with no easy way to make this happen.  But the technical support personel did get a rash of calls about the issue on the 29th/30th about the problem, so hopefully they'll get around to it in short order.  But I'd put money on nothing happening.  If it does, it should take about 10 days for a new BIOS update as it -- don't laugh -- has to pass validation.


        I know someone screwed up somewhere, and I and every one else was able to repair affected systems.  I'm sure that there were a few people out there that didn't know what had happened, and had to call tech support and/or RMA their board.  But mistakes happen.  I can't get too excited about the update per se -- I'm far more concerned with the overall lack of acknowledgement.  Without pulling the update, every day someone is going to have this happen to them.  I say pull the update and spare some agony to Intel's customers.  BIOS updates are more important now, add more features and fixing problems as they spring up.  It's not adequate to only advise updates to fix problems, and it's not good to have the opinion that people who update are asking for trouble -- even as more features become implemented for ease of use and auto overclocking, ect.  I'm running an all Intel system, and I sure as hell didn't choose to go all Intel to save money.  I just expect a little more.  I know that Intel probably hasn't sold very many of these boards, and that the number of BIOS updaters is small, but I really want is an explanation of the problem.  That's it.  Maybe a note -- Hey, if you have this board, and this GPU, don't install 2053.  That's it.



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          I have the very first of the revision. B2. I bought it before that chipset issue.


          PCI graphics card that I used to recover bios is - S3 virge/dx http://gallery.fdd5-25.net/details.php?image_id=1263

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            So it seems the update problems are not related to the mobo's version, only the video card.


            ckryan, my sound card is a Sound Blaster Audigy SE. The only function that works is analog recording. Tested an older SB Live and had other problems. I've seen on this forum other users with similar problems and put these experiences together in this topic: http://communities.intel.com/thread/22547

            It seems that the lack of native PCI support by Sandy Bridge is not the cause. Only Intel motherboards have these issues, boards from other manufacturers, using the same chips, work well.

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              I have a H67 Biostar uATX board with one PCI slot, also PCIe --> PLX --> PCI.  I don't own a PCI sound card, but I was going to buy a PCI Asus Xonar DG ($30). 


              The interesting thing is, my Asus Xonar Essence STX (try saying that three times) is natively PCI, but uses the same PLX chip to PCIe, the other way around from 1155 boards without chipset PCI support.  It functions fine, but I suspect there could be some kind of interupt issue.  There aren't really any options to change in the DP67's bios except for interupt.  But there could be another issue in that the base clock could be influencing your problems somehow.  The default base clock is 99.8, which is basically 100, but perhaps you could try lowering or even raising it (even though that sounds counter productive).

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                There is another user that was able to update to 2053, and seems to have found another problem: http://communities.intel.com/message/137736


                About PCI, the DP67BG doesn't have any settings for it, only latency, which didn't change anything. I've already thought about changing base clock, but 100 MHz is the minimum. I've just begun to experiment overclocking, I may check this again soon. Meanwhile I keep the SB Audigy out of the machine, only install it when I make recordings, because I'm afraid a wrong clock or voltage setting may damage it.

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                  Hi Everyone,


                  I have just updated my BIOS to the latest 2053 version. The update was succesfull however i am now unable to view my PCH (Platform Controller Hub) temperatures within Intel desktop utilities, nor within the bios. It just shows 0 °C.


                  Another thing i have noticed since the update is that my USB devices randomly dont come out of sleep mode. I had to phyicically unplug my keyboard and move to another slot to type this post.


                  Arent these BIOS updates supposed to be tested ? Im sure alot of people use there machines as production machines that cant afford to be down.. unacceptable if you ask me.

                  I have tried to revert to the 2040 BIOS version (http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20231&ProdId=3273&lang=eng&OSVersion=%0A&DownloadType=BIOS) using the F7 procedure but get an error 1057  (Update on blacklist) when trying to downgrade to 2040.
                  Could some please advise me on how to downgrade to version 2040? (Recovery update method)

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                    I had the same problem and I solved it as following.

                    1- I added a second video card (NVIDIA 6600)

                    2- Then the system could boot and everything was OK!

                    3- Then I removed all the RAM modules but the first one.

                    4- I entered to setup and changed the RAM clock to 1067 MHz.

                    5- Then I removed the BIOS jumper to restore BIOS position.

                    6- Then I attached a pendisk that a bg2040p.bio file was cpoied on it.

                    7- Then I powered on the system and everything progressed OK!

                    8- Finally I could do it and I now have a 2040 BIOS.

                    9- Thank you so much for every thing.


                    Ramin .

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                      When i remove the Jumper for "Recovery Mode" the machine boots up, error code 27 on motherboard (Configuring Memory) and then shuts down and then switches back on (This happens in a loop)


                      Anyone having a similar problem or can advise ?

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                        I had the same problem. I had to remove the video card and run the recovery process blind.
                        After the machine re-booted it continued to loop but now with the double beep (no video) error so
                        when it powered down for the second time I switched of the PSU and replaced the BIOS jumper and video card and switched on the PSU.
                        It took me two attempts but the system now boots successfully to BIOS ver 2040.

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                          You have to use the Recovery Method (remove the BIOS jumper, put the 2040 .BIO file on a USB drive, ect.), not F7.  See the first post in this thread - Rsetto tells you everything you need to know.

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                            As posted on other topics, Intel at last recognized that 2053 was a "bad BIOS" and removed it from the site.


                            Latest version is again v2040.

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                              At last.


                              The very least that could have been done was a statement that there is in fact an issue, especially here in the forum, and some kind of note in the Read Me.  I'm glad someone finally got around to it.

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                                ALso having issues with a DP67BG set up with v2053 bios:


                                1200w PS

                                i7 2600K CPU

                                2x 6950 Radeons in Crossfire

                                16GB Kingston HyperX PnP (1600)

                                Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD


                                Customer is reporting blue screens so will try to revert to v2040 (which I am running with zero issues).


                                Come on Intel.....this is starting to feel like the DG45ID fiaso all over again.


                                Bring back the Intel of great QC and testing!!!

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                                  Flashed bios back to v2040. All seems well now.

                                  Glad Intel is on it.


                                  /Heavy Sarcasm


                                  Installed HyperX 120GB SSD in my system for testing, of course

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                                    I wonder if all of above issues is fixed in newer bios verions ?