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    RAID-5 Array Rebuild problem After disconnecting HD on p67 chipset.


      First of all i would like to introduce myself and ask to be patient with any english mistakes you may find on this post, this is not my first language.


      Second i would also like to apologize if my question is in the wrong section or in any way innapropriated, or malformulated. I've spent a reasonable time trying to search for my solution on google and also on the intel communy in specific. I have no luck, the ammount of information and issues related to RAID arrays are enormous and date from almost 10 years so findind relevant recent solutions similar to my problem seens almost impossibel, this is why i decided to at last create a personal discussion here.

      I'm no newbye on hardware in general but i'm no pro either, this is my first time messing with RAID arrays and more complex storage solutions for personal reasons. And i have finally met with a critical problem without an evident solution


      With No more addo i'll try to explain my problem:


      -My personal system is an ASUS P8P67 with an Intel i5 2500k and 8gigs of ram running on Windows 7 x64 build 7601.

      -I use for storage 4 1.5tb 7200.11 Seagates disks in an RAID-5 Array.

      -My array consist on two volumes, one with 550gb strip 32kbyts, and the second with 3.55tb and 64kbytes stripe. With this system i also have a single old 320gigabytes HD in the marvell controller for the OS .


      -Recently i had to install a second OS on my machine and for doing so i had to disable the RAID for proper drivers installation. Previously with a RAID-1 in the same system i discovered that in order for the array to not be broken i should switch to IDE MODE in the BIOS before umplugging the HD. I indeed did this during installation of this new OS with my RAID-5 array but even so, dunno if i did something wrong, after i reconnected the 4 hds in the right SATA plugs and booted the system, the RAID controller after BIOS POST showed that the array had to be rebuilt.

      Obviously i got worried, specifically because of the size of the array, my previous RAID-1 system with two 1.5tbs HDS took more than six hours to rebuild.


      However this time things seen weird. Just after a couple of minutes of booting windows, the biggest 3.55tb volume was already acessible by windows, but the smaller 550gb one wasn´t. I tought when rebuilding, the whole array and volumes wouldn't be acessible by the os. I decided to let the system rest for the night to see if the second volume, the 550gb would be restored. As i suspected, it didn´t. (Please note that the acess time on the larger array was INCREDIBLE slow  i couldnt even lissen to a mp3 in winamp that was in the volume without  stuttering)


      Then i tried to monitor and discover how could i analyse if the reason for that is because the RAID controller would still be restoring the array and how many hours it would take. Since no driver had failed or substituted i suppose the controller should've been smart enought to understard that there wasn´t a need to reallocate any data, since it was all fine, but that does not seem to be the case.


      In anyway after some long time trying to discover how to acess the RAPID STORAGE tools inside windows, i realized i needed to install it first. I donwloaded the correct RAID drivers from my motherboard manufacterud, but the driver installation would fail everytime after hanging from long minutes. I tought these could be due to the ARRAY be rebuilding. After the third attempt my whoole system freeze and i reluctantly decided to restart it and disable the RAID to try and install the drivers. By setting in AHCI mode in BIOS the installation worked and i set up the RAID again. the Volumes where in the same condition, the bigger, 3.55tb was acessible in windows and the smalle 550gb was not. Finally i could acess the Intel Rapid Storage Utility but when i clicked on the MANAGE button (unsure of the english world for the second button on the UI, since mine is in portuguese) the IaStorUI.exe crashed instantly.


      Here is the windows crash report:


        Stopped working


      Assinatura do problema:
        Nome do Evento de Problema:    CLR20r3
        Assinatura do Problema 01:    iastorui.exe
        Assinatura do Problema 02:
        Assinatura do Problema 03:    4dbbba1f
        Assinatura do Problema 04:    mscorlib
        Assinatura do Problema 05:
        Assinatura do Problema 06:    4d8cdd0e
        Assinatura do Problema 07:    e2
        Assinatura do Problema 08:    16
        Assinatura do Problema 09:    System.ArgumentOutOfRange
        Versão do sistema operacional:    6.1.7601.
        Identificação da Localidade:    1046


      Now i'm stuck, i can´t monitor what is happening to my array, if it is rebuilding, if it deteriorated forever (and thus i should try to save what i can acess from the largest volume ASAP) and if not, how many hours would it take to fix and thus,i should leave my PC untouched till then.


      Here is a screenshot to help understanding the situation



      Any help would be DEEPLY APPRECIATED.

      thanks in advance,



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          With the issue description that you have provided, I can only conclude that a corruption occurred with your array, due to an unknown cause. The changes in the BIOS to IDE mode might have triggered it.


          At this point, my best suggestion would be to back everything up on the usable array, to avoid losing any more data. Try reinstalling the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology to attempt detecting the rebuild on the other array, and found out if it's in progress. The Ctrl+I Utility should also give you some information on the RAID status.


          Please let us know of the outcome.

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            Thanks for the response Jose.


            Indeed after some more research on my own i Managed to fix the problem of the Rapid Storage Controller by updating the controller here on Intel website. The driver provided by ASUS was out-of-date. (Still i got some random crashes with the UI last version)


            With the updated manager i could see that indeed both volumes were being reconstructed. What was strange is why even tough both were reconstructing, only the larger volume was acessible?


            After 3 days the rebuild was done and the 550gb volume partition was still unacessible and showed as "Raw" on windows Disk management. Probably it indeed got corrupted as you concluded.


            However I was able to restore virtually all the data from the volume (around 400gb of applications and related files) with a simple data recovery software without further issues. After i backed it up i formated the volume and could get it acessible again. Currently im transferring the backed data back to the 550gb volume now operating normally.


            Even tough i could restore all data and get the RAID array working again do you believe is there any problem with the array and should i rebuild it? Backing over 2tb of information is not an easy task, currently i have only about 500gb of the more crucial data backed up in others two HDs.


            Once Again Thank you and please excuse my "Engrish".