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    Centrino 6300 Installation issues.


      Okay, I've been working on this issue for nearly 10 hours a day for the last 3 days, constantly querying google and trying different installation methods and I'm now at a loss short of replacing my motherboard. Not to mention, I'm fairly sure my girlfriend doesn't believe me when I tell her I've almost got it figured out anymore.


      Note:It may be important to know that this adapter is being installed in a mini pci-e to pci-e adapter in a desktop before reading on.



      Issue: During initial installation of drivers for the 6300 one of several outcomes occur.

      1.) BSOD indicating a driver issue NETwNs64.sys while detecting hardware.

      2.) System lockup requiring hard restart.

      3.) Driver installs but leaves hardware inoperable (code 39 cannot load drivers for the device).


      Steps taken:

      1.) Reformatted windows 7 x64 w/ sp1 no updates. Same results.

      2.) Reformatted windows 7 x64 w/ sp1 all updates to current. Same results.

      3.) Reformatted windows 7 x64 w/ sp1; started in audit mode and attempted install. No dice.

      4.) Re-attempted steps 1-3 while trying the auto driver selector.

      5.) 6300 installed in laptop to confirm it wasn't a bad adapter, It installed successfully, no problems on first attempt.

      6.) 6300 installed in pcie to mini pcie bridge in alternate desktop. Also sucessfull first attempt.

      7.) 6300 installed in intended computer with all peripherals unplugged or turned off in BIOS except serial (no switch in BIOS)

      8.) Pulled video card from x16 slot and put 6300 there in case it was a problem with the x1 slot, accessed computer via remote desktop. also unsuccessful.

      9.) Lit some insense, put my wallut in my shirt pocket, moved all my change from my right pocket to my left and breathed through my mouth. Clearly didn't work.


      Steps I've considered:

      1.) Attempting with XP or Ubuntu and same hardware.

      2.) Moving intended system drive to alternate desktop and installing windows and drivers then moving system drive back to intended computer.

      3.) Purchasing a new socket 939 mobo with the fear it would have the same issues.

      4.) Purchasing a cheap AM3 board and cpu and being out $100 after spending too much on this adapter already.


      Only thing I can come up with is drivers being loaded out of order while the hardware is detected or a conflict somewhere.Maybe the PCI bridge isn't loading correctly. In my system information under conflicts/sharing it does list the pci standard pci to pci bridge several times. I did mean to see what the other desktop listed, as it is a similar setup. I'm not sure if it's normal behavior though as it's mostly listing it with the HD 5450 (video card) which is also pci-e.


      I seem to sense someone asking for a minidump. I'll post one tomorrow if it would help anyone track this down with me.


      Hardware setup: (HTPC Solution)

      OSWindows 7 x64 w/ sp1

      Motherboard M2N68-LA

      CPU Athlon x2 4800+

      GPUHD 5450

      Ram 4GB ddr2 800

      SSD for OSPatriot Torqx 2

      HDD for User Folders WD 2TB

      Input Bluetooth keyboard and mouse


      No overclocking or ridiculous options in BIOS since it's an OEM Compaq motherboard.


      Any and all suggestions are welcome with open arms and hopefully this thread will help anyone else who may have this or a similar issue.

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          Since you're sure you have the correct drivers for the operating system, you had it working on two other systems, maybe this might help.


          Download the drivers and save then to the desktop.


          Start, control panel, device manager, network, 6300 adapter. Right click on it, then left click uninstall. It asks you if you want to remove and associated software with it. I clicked yes. When it's done, restart your computer.


          Now try installing the drivers from the desktop. See if everything installs properly.


          I had an issue with the 6200 AGN spiking my processor and just updating the drivers did not work. It was suggested I try the above method and I now connect with no issues.


          You are not using another program to control your wireless connection, correct? If memory serves me correctly, Windows 7 manages the connection very well.




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            Hey Pudgy,


            Thanks for the first reply on this, I'm glad this may get some attention.


            That's close to the method I used when installing the 6300. Install the drivers (without the 6300 installed)>shutdown>install the 6300>start up the PC and it detects the drivers which were pre-installed. The install crashes the computer I'll start it back up and find that the 6300 is code 39-cannot load drivers for device.


            After that I have used your method of uninstall then reinstall while the device is in the system. Same outcome occurs.


            It's a very precise crash occurring. Each time it happens when it loads the driver for the adapter. I did try a couple different versions of the driver and the latest version a couple different times in case it was a corrupt download. But I'm sticking to the latest one as it doesn't seem the issue is the particular driver but either a conflict or some driver missing in between.


            I'm anxious to keep working on this today so right now  I am using driver detective on a fully updated version of windows to see if there's just another out of date or missing driver causing this.



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              I have seen code 39 on CD/DVD's and the solution is deleting the upper and lower filters.


              Here is the explainiation of code 39.


              Code 39

              Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)


              There are several causes of Code 39 errors:

              • A required device driver is missing.
              • A required binary file is corrupted.
              • There is a problem with the file I/O process.
              • A driver that is referencing an entry point in another binary file is unable to load.

              Recommended resolution

              Reinstall the drivers for this device.

              Uninstall and reinstall the driver

              Uninstall the driver from Device Manager, and then scan for new hardware to install the driver again.

              You  may be prompted to provide the path of the driver. Windows may have the  driver built-in, or may still have the driver files installed from the  last time that you set up the device. However, sometimes, it will open  the New Hardware Wizard which may ask for the driver. If you are asked  for the driver and you do not have it, you can try to download the  latest driver from the hardware vendor’s Web site.

              1. On the device Properties dialog box, click the Driver tab, and then click Uninstall. Follow the instructions.
              2. Restart your computer.
              3. Open Device Manager, click Action, and then click Scan for hardware changes. Follow the instructions.



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                I read that on google but didn't pursue deleting the filters yet.


                I did just finish ensuring all the other drivers on the system were up to date. And did try the installation again by downloading extracting and installing the drivers again after deleting the prior ones from the last attempt. Still not working with the same results.


                I am going to try deleting the filters this try. I just have to find the article about where to find them in the registry again.


                One difference I noticed during the installation in the other desktop (with the bridge) and this one is the system installed drivers for the "pci standard pci to pci bridge" before detecting the "network controller". It may be doing things exactly the same and I'm just missing it. But at this particular point I'm beginning to lean toward the answer that this particular motherboard chipset (nf430) doesn't like communicating through the bridge to the adapter.




                Edit: Also I did forget to mention I am not using any third party apps to control the wireless. I too am quite satisfied with the windows wireless management.

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                  Depending on the model of your computer, in most cases the chipset drivers need installed first. On Dell Computers the desktop/notebook system utility and the chipset drivers need installed first.


                  Some computers need something that helps to turn the adapter on/off using the function keys.


                  You did try the Intel® Driver Update Utility?


                  I have tried using Slim Drivers to update some drivers and it works fairly well. Sometimes you have the more current driver than it finds. It allows you to make a system restore point first, so if anything does go wrong, you can use system restore to get thing back working.


                  Some virus programs will not allow you online if they're expired. Some virus programs and firewalls do block connections, depending on the virus program.


                  Since it looks like you reinstalled, have you tried this? Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP servers




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                    Sorry there was a flood and I'm trying to clean up. I will be back on hopefully within the next couple hours. Thanks for all your help so far!



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                      Take your time. I understand, especially since our area had recent floods. There may be a delayed reply but I will get back to you.




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                        So the flood is contained. A little family gardening and next thing you know the auto sprinkler valves are busted. I got to spend the day re-plumbing.


                        Anyhow, about deleting the filters. It doesn't look like my device even shows up under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class, let alone contain upper or lower filters. The only devices I show containing filters are usb controllers, disk drives, keyboards, sound/video game controllers, mice pointing devices, smart card readers, infrared devices, imaging devices, and storage volumes.


                        There is no opticle disc drive in this computer, which seems to be the issue in a couple of the other filter issues I read.


                        I think the next thing I'm going to try is to move the SSD to the computer which the 6300 worked in and reformat it again there. Install the 6300 during audit mode then move the SSD and 6300 into this computer to finish installing windows.


                        I have a strong feeling that after installing everything in the alternate computer and move it back to the intended computer that the conflict will come up again with the evil nvidia chipset.


                        This is a super clean install of windows. Zero third party apps. The only virus software I'm using is Microsoft's Security Essentials which is a download from auto update. And the catalyst control center from AMD.


                        The version of Windows on this computer is identicle to the one on the alternate computer. However; the hardware is all but completely different.


                        Thanks for the help on this so far Rick.

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                          Glad you got the flood under control. I live in Lancaster, Pa and we had some major flooding from Hurricane Lee.


                          I help on another forum with printers and some networking. These settings are for allow a printer past it. Maybe if the wireless adapter is put in the safe zone, it will allow things to work smoothly. Allow Printer past Microsoft Essentials



                          I have seen the upper and lower filters of a cd/dvd rom cause some issues with other items.Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

                          Strange as it sounds, you did reinstall the operating system. The order to load drivers is usually...


                          Chipset or SMBus driver
                          Processor Driver (if applicable)
                          Audio (sound)
                          Input Drivers (keyboard/mouse)
                          Network Card


                          Does everything look ok in the device manager? Did you try right clicking on the problem devices in Device manager, then left click update driver?


                          Not sure how well reformatting on a different computer will work.




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                            Security Essentials shouldn't be the issue here either. I've tried installing the 6300 without Security Essentials on the computer also with no luck.


                            I also went through the registry under the class folder and I have no subfolders pertaining to my network adapter. Therefore, could not delete any filters for it.


                            The ONLY periferals plugged into the motherboard are these:

                            - cpu (amd 4800+)

                            - ram (4gb ddr2 800)

                            - video card (hd 5450)

                            - solid state hard drive (torqx 2)

                            - hard drive (western digital 2tb)

                            - input device (logitech blue tooth)

                            - usb lcd display (nmedia pro-lcd)

                            - usb wireless adapter (trendnet g adapter)


                            There is nothing else plugged in to this computer. No cd drives, no printers. Thats it.


                            I'm hoping that by taking the hard drive and the 6300 and put them into the alternate computer (where it worked) and reformatting windows that it will allow it to create the correct registry entries and install the proper drivers for both this bridge http://www.hwtools.net/adapter/mp2h.html, and then the 6300 that is plugged into it.


                            I've come to the conclusion that the chipset (nvidia nf430) is not communicating with the bridge (the part that the 6300 is plugged into) correctly in order to create the correct registry keys and causing it to throw the code 39.


                            What I believe will happen after formatting on the alternate computer (with an AMD 780 chipset):

                            1.) Windows will create the correct registry keys and install all the neccessary drivers. I will bring the hard drive and 6300 back to the intended computer and everything will be fine.

                            2.) Windows will create the correct registry keys and install the neccessary drivers. I will bring it back to the intended computer and the nf430 will continue to miscommunicate through the bridge and I'll be right where I am now.


                            If 2.) happens, I'd like to try XP on the intended computer to see if that works. If not, I suspect the nf430 is simply incompatable with the bridge and or 6300.


                            I'm not too concerned with the order that the drivers are installed either. The nf430 is so old that windows 7 contains the proper drivers, and installs them during installation. I can confirm this by using driver detective which searches for the latest drivers for all hardware installed or that has been installed. The only piece of hardware that shows either missing a driver or out of date is my video card (hd 5450) after a fresh install of windows 7.


                            Thats very unfortunate about the hurricane. My heart goes out to you, and all that were effected. Living out in the west makes most of us out here ignorant of what weather is capable of. I was in Pensacola right after hurricane Katrina devistated that area and I can say I've never seen anything like it before.


                            Unfortunately I have to spend the day plumbing again. Everything I did yesterday is only dry fit, and today I have to glue everything up and hope none of it leaks. Wish me luck.



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                              I have seen other posts with the error message you had. NETwNs64.sys


                              I have a 6200 AGN, so I don't get this error message. I think you need to research the NETwNs64.sys error message and see if you can find the solution to that. NOT sure if this error message is operating system specific. I suspect it is and not sure which route to take.


                              Sometimes installing the Vista 32-bit drivers for Windows 7 32-bit or the Vista 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 64-bit in the Compatibility mode helps but Intel Provides Windows 7 drivers, so I wouldn't think there would be an issue.


                              HERE a person solved it with the 5100.






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                                Just getting cleaned up after a day of plumbing, more tomorrow unfortunately.


                                I could certainly be wrong but I believe the reason I get the BSOD with NETwNs64.sys is because the chipset cant communicate to it correctly through the bridge. The same OS is installed on the alternate computer. I have a student liscence on win7 x64 and I slip streamed sp1 into it myself. I use this exact copy on all computers in the house.


                                The drivers I'm attempting to use on the intended computer are the same ones I had successfully used on the laptop where the 6300 worked by itself requiring no bridge. It is also the same driver and OS combination I successfully used with the bridge and 6300.


                                Therefore, I don't suspect the specific drivers to be the issue here either. I did also read the thread you suggested, as well as others who had issues with that specific driver. I believe those were issues were ones which come up after the 6300 was installed. I only wish I was getting as far as that.


                                I do hope to get a chance to do the hardware swap soon. I'm very interested to see what happens.



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                                  After a few hours of late night trouble shooting it's come down to this.


                                  Doing the hardware swap in the alternate PC and intended PC only resulted in a death spiral of BSODs, and I'm fairly sure I know why now. After more research on the Nforce 430 I have read several issues with it and the PCI bus. I relate my issue to that first.


                                  I also discovered that even after what appeared to be a sucessfull installation of the SMbus drivers I restarted the PC and started Driver Detective for an unrelated reason only to discover the SMbus missing drivers. Given that, I did try installing several different versions of the nforce drivers normally and using compatibility mode for vista to no avail. I did also try the original compaq Vista drivers in compatibility mode. Compaq doesnt provide win7 drivers even though both nvidia as well as asus (this being an asus board after all) do.


                                  I did just purchase a different mobo with an AMD chipset. Just for fun, I will see if the one I have now all works with Vista. Unfortunately, I need the media center in Windows 7 to stream TV from my Ceton tuner so it can't be a permanent solution.