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    Graphics problem


      I have bought a MSI FX700 laptop.

      It has Core i5-460M with the built in graphics. This computer also has a video card from nVidia, the GeForce GT 425M with 1GB.

      My problem is that when the computer uses the intel built in graphics, some applications like Samsung Kies has some kind of graphical problems. Intel Rapid Storage Tehcnology app has the exact same problem.

      The problem is that the programs cant display their content for some reason.

      I will post pics with the problem from the Intel Rapid Storage Tehcnology.















      So as you can see, the intel graphics card somehow isnt able to show those programs. I would do couple of screens from the Samsung Kies too, but i uninstalled it already.


      I have all the latest drives available.


      And the strange thing is that this problem comes with only some programms.


      I would like to know what to do to get this thing to work properly. Or is there any way that i can totally disable the integrated intel graphics