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    Where do I get the source for BMC update?




      I've read HowtoAccessStatusFromSCC.pdf to see how I can read the power measurements from SCC cores.

      However, I couldn't do "i2c off" at the current BMC I have.


      I think it's because the BMC version is 1.08.

      When I telnet to the BMC, it says :

        Software:     1.08  Build: 1219  Aug 23 2010  08:17:50.


      But the example at the PDF says :

        Software:     1.11  Build: 1001  May 11 2011  16:35:41.


      So I'm looking for the source for BMC update.

      But all I could find was source for version 1.06, which is too low.


      Where can I get the most recent BMC version?