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    BIOS update on headless Intel server




      I have a small personal server in a closet - headless, so no keyboard, display, mouse, optical drive, floppy drive. Just a box connected to power and network.


      The server is running on an Intel DH67CF mainboard (6-series, for Sandy Bridge processors) and has Linux as the operating system.


      Question: how do I update the BIOS to the latest version? Intel provides three methods, all three are definitely not very convenient: they all require a display & keyboard connected to the box; some even require a different operating system then what I'm using.


      From what I read, there is a Linux tool, Flashrom, that supports a LOT of different mainboard & chips, but no Intel support. Tried it, the DH67CF is not supported by Flashrom. According to a developer, all that is needed is support from Intel to get it running.


      So, question to the community here: any suggestions on how to upgrade a BIOS on this system?


      Question to Intel: could you please give some support to the Flashrom developers for your mainboards? So far you've done a good job supporting Linux - please continue!