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    Droid causing BSOD when connecting to Intel My Wifi Technology, is there a solution?


      To Whom It May Concern,


      I have had this same problem with similar software like Connectify which basically does the same thing as the Intel My Wifi Technology. They both enable the user to turn their Windows 7 computer into a wifi hotspot.



      I am able to use Intel's My Wifi Technology and every single device I connect opperates perfectly with the excpetion of my Motorolla Droid X smartphone. When I connect my Droid X to the Intel My Wifi Technology signal my system always immediatly BSODs and this always happens. From what I can tell from the report there is a mention of something called "netwns64.sys" but I'm not sure if that helps.


      Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sure hope we can get it worked out.


      p.s. Intel's Driver scanner tells me my drivers are correct and up to date.