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    Intel DH67CF: I cannot install WinXP but Win7, why?


      Hi All!


      I have just bought the captioned motherboard and tried to install WinXP into my SSD drive, but failed with a blue screen saying "STOP: 0x0000007B Error"

      -> I tried to install Win7 instead

      -> it works, but I want my older, but simplier and everything ready, WinXP!


      -> someone tell me to switch the default SATA mode from ACHI to IDE, so that I can install WinXP

      -> it works, but slow to boot when in IDE SATA mode!


      -> someone tell me to use nLiteOS to slipstream the ACHI SATA driver into my WinXP install CD

      -> I tried to search it in the forum or Intel's download center, but I have no ideas what are these search results?

      -> so where, exactly, can I download this ACHI SATA driver?



      Thanks for any kind of help!

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          You need the latest Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver for Intel Desktop Boards. This is commonly referred to as a RAID driver but it does contain AHCI drivers as well. If you go to the Intel web site home page -> Support -> Download latest drivers -> Desktop Boards -> 6 Series -> DH67CF then it'll show all drivers (and other software) for your board. Assuming you have 32 bit (ordinary) Windows XP, then the file you need is called

          STOR_XP32_10.6.0.1002_PV.zip and have a read of the F6Readme.txt within this archive to find instructions on its use. You'll need to extract the archives contents to do this (perhaps using Winzip or similar). You'll also need to ensure AHCI is selected in the BIOS when installing Win XP as you cant convert over to using these drivers from IDE mode - if you install in IDE mode, you're stuck in that mode until you next install again.
          Once you've had a read, post back with any remaining questions/issues.
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            Thanks Flying_Kiwi for your great comment!


            Will try it out and feedback!

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              Indeed, you will need to customize a XP installation using nLite. And the drivers are obtained from the "F6 diskette". The drivers needed for the Sandy Bridge chipsets are "Intel® Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller". There is RAID also, I'm not sure if integrating both drivers enable both configurations in Windows XP. (In my case I managed to do this by editing the Registry)


              The XP must include Service Pack 3. If your installation does not have it, you'll need to include it using nLite too.

              Without SP3, the XP installation crashes even if the right drivers are included.


              Meanwhile, Windows 7 is hassle-free, you can put the "F6 diskette" contents in a USB drive to be selected during install, and choosing both drivers (RAID and AHCI) enables both configurations in the OS.