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    AXXROMBSASMR Unacceptable Size for container


      Hi all,


      I have a AXXROMBSASMR RAID Controller with an AXX6DRV3GEXP expander.


      On the weekend I went to configure this with a "NEW" configuration for the 3x 2TB (1.818) disks in the expander.

      This was done using the basic BIOS UI post a reboot, not the Web Console.

      Everything was going ok till the final LUN screen.


      It said I could pick

      RAID 0 == 5.454TB

      RAID 5 == 3.636TB

      RAID 6 == 1.818TB


      So I selected RAID 5 and was REQUIRED to type in the container size... fair enough I thought, so I typed in the size to match the value displayed by the options and clicked "Next"


      It then said "Unacceptable Size" and returned me to the previous screen.


      I then found that no matter what combination I tried it would NOT accept the values it offerred me.

      I tried resetting to factory defaults and all manner of combinations.


      I then tried the "Auto config" wizard with "redundancy where possible" but go no choice of RAID 5 and ended up with a RAID 6 @ 1.818TB...


      So I have few questions.

      1. Am I missing something obvious here or is it broke?

      2. Is it likely to work via the RAID Web Console interface?

      3. RAID 6, can I expand this container with more disks? ie, setup the RAID 6 then buy in another disk or 2 to get a size I want?


      Thanks in advance.


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          What is the PBA and serial number of your controller?


          We have seen this issue, but the module we saw this with was a very old hardware version. So far, our engineering suspects it to be a combination of earlier SROMBSASMR and latest firmware (1.40.232-1007) . We are investigating. The customer expereincing this issue with the SROMBSASMR rolled it back to an earlier firmware (1.40.32-0580) and it was fine. 1.40.92-0746 is the previous release if you want to try that.




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            Thanks that has indeed sorted it (rolling back to the version specified). 1.40.92-0746


            Not sure what you mean by the PBA? 0x8086, 0x3508?

            The serial number is SV10804634

            It's a SROMBSASMR with 128MB.


            Let me know if there's anything else I can supply you to help diagnose the cause...

            I had also flashed the enclosure to the latest firmware that was available for it too.



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              Just to confirm, with firmware 1.40.92-0746 you can now set your virtual disk size and complete the setup?


              The PBA (Printed Board Assembly) number consists of nine (9) alphanumeric characters in the following format:


              The serial number precedes the PBA number on the sticker.


              I couldn't find the serial number you provided in our database. Is there a different one present on the PBA sticker?



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                Yes, once I flashed it back using the -NoVerChk option to force the downgrade, it worked as expected.

                It even "prefilled" the container size, when it initialised.

                The other version, simply left that field blank and no matter what value you plugged in, would not accept it.


                I got that Serial Number from the BIOS screen on the RAID controller, under "Controller Properties".

                I'm in Australia if that makes any difference?


                I have some install work on Saturday, so I'll take a look in the system then and see if I can spot the sticker and its numbers.