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        as long as you have a time machine backup.. don't be scared :-)


        I installed Windows 7 on Bootcamp, then installed the SSD Toolbox. In MacOS i formatted the 8MB SSD Drive to FAT32. Afterwards it is recognized in Windows by the SSD Toolbox. There I did a secure erase several times (had to power cycle the SSD one time, which is not quite easy in a macbook ), afterwards I saw a 120GB SSD in MacOS (not in Windows.. it was still 8MB there).

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          I have two 320 SSD drives, 120 gb and 160gb in my mac mini and Macbook Pro. I did not have any problems with them. I applied new firmware 1.9 on both of them without any problem. Both of them are working fine  for now with Lion 10.7.1.

          However I have to say I am very concerned reading this post. If new firmware did not fix 8mb problem we really have to be "very loud". Since SSDs are still pretty expensive "toys" we should not give up on insisting from Intel to fix a problem or maybe even recognize a hardware error and recall all those drives. I primarily bought Intel drives because of reliability and I have to say that I am very sick of all this "half finished" products to maximize profit.


          Anyhow - BACKUP, BACKUP BACKUP (but not on Intel 320 SSD series drives ofcourse)

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            I updated my 320 120GB with 1.9 and it went smooth and it ran for about 30 min without any problems, then i decided to test it with Intels SSD toolbox full diagnostic scan and after about 80% i got a Blue screen and had to shut it down hard. Then the disk died and all i could see was 8MB. So i dont think the new firmware fixed the problem... What to do?

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              You don't think?


              Get ready for another half a year of Intel not acknowledging the bug until we can drum up enough media attention, that Intel warents another look at the case - and a new firmware only months thereafter... Until then you can take your time to think about why on earth you fell for Intels "reliability" play on marketing this product - or go for another replacement which only takes three weeks to arrive...


              Anyone at Intel want to issue a statement already? Each hour without a response is bad crisis management, therefore costly and enhances the subsequent anger and overall fallout - just saying...

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                I don�t think that we should wait to get media attention. Instead, we should all send mails to all the tech sites that announced that intel issued a new firmware fixing the problem and point them to this thread. Especially people that had a problem after updating with new firmware.

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                  Mabye it's time to get some perspective on this? There's what? 50 ppl at best in this thread, not everyone of them have had the issue? Intel's sold what? 10000? 20000? 1000000? units... either way there is way for the people in this forum to get "the big picture" on how wide spread this is. The only ones that knows are intel since they can judge it based on RMA and support calls


                  Intel *has* confirmed that they have seen the reports of the firmware not solving it and that they are looking into it. Do you really think they are just brushing this of to the side and that there's not people doing their very best to reproduce and identify the root cause of the issue? It makes perfect sense for them to not continiously post updates on this threads with only information that is speculatory and not confirmed


                  They *did* release a FW upgrade that they thought (after thourough testing) solved it..but apparently there are other edge cases.. if this was you, would you be quick to jump the gun the second time?


                  I have a *brand new* 160GB 320-series drive laying on the desk right infront of me.. I bought it to use it.. but I don't want Intel to feed be speculations and put out a quickfix when they're not sure..


                  I have plenty of friends that have gotten lots of OCZ that were DOA or bricked after using them for a while (both Vertex 2's and 3's) .. so it's definitly not a brand affinity.


                  So instead of crying wolf.. why don't you provide detailed information like hardware configurations, bios versions etc.. the more information the better

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                    May I adress the flawed logic in this arguments.


                    First - after the firmwareupdate we now have documented cases of the 8mb error occuring not only during boot cycles, but while a device selftest resulting in a bluescreen and a crash. Now thats progress - isn't it. Talking about edge cases, and how they seem to have broadened.


                    Whenever PR doesn't issue a response in the face of a massive product screwup, it is the exact opposite of "a good sign". It is the equivalent of keeping the problem down, while they assess if it would be financialy feasable to takle or neglect it. That at least one forum member was contacted in private - there is no open call to provide Intel with the information regarding the resurfacing bug - is more cause to be wary, than "a good sign".


                    It tends to satisfy the ones voicing complaints, while offering no official statement, or plan for action in return.


                    First you do everything you can to make them acknoledge the problem - then you give them all the time in the world to fix it, because they'll take it anyways.


                    Oh yes, and a firmwareupdate, that doesn't fix the problem shouldn't be interpreted as "well at least they tried". You can't judge the effort, because you havent seen it. You should judge the end result and this is once again - abysmal failure, a flawed quality assurance process, and a broken promise.


                    Well, waiting a little, sure will make it better -

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                      A major german (tech) news outlet has picked up the fact that the patch hasn't resolved the problem. http://www.golem.de/1108/85871.html


                      How about an official statement Intel? In the meantime I will continue my efforts - please, PR team, do the same.

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                        Please merge this thread with this one: http://communities.intel.com/thread/24205?start=0&tstart=0


                        I had only one crash in the last few weeks, and this one crash lead to the 8MB bug. Possible that the new firmware makes it worse or just bad luck? Is there a way to revert to the old firmware?

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                          I would like to know if all 320 series drives are able to "fail" or if it happens just to a few ones. I really rely on my machine (teaching classes, client presentations) and if this issue is not being fixed soon, I will bring back the drive and buy another brand. This is ridiculous, especially how intel does not inform customers here at all (except for some vage "found the issue, will bring firmware update soon", etc.).


                          I lost at least 2 days about this sh***, and opened and closed my macbook pro at least 7 times (which is not THAT easy with a pre-unibody machine). enough time lost here, and a disappointed customer lost very soon.


                          Edit: I know Intel does (and probably will not) care about single customers like me. But its extremely frustrating not feeling heard and treated like last-class-customers by a 'premium class' (and premium price tag) company.

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                            Mate we are all dependatant on our drives ... not just you ..


                            2 days ... wow lets see


                            Purchased back in may .... set up ....... 10 days ..... boom... 8 MB... lost all my data needed to use 3 day old backup ....


                            took 3 weeks to get the dealer here in Germany to accept it as an issue...... 3 weeks more to get the replacment..


                            now wait 5 weeks due to "Fix pending"... ok  lets wait 2 days after fix to see what happens with early adopters....


                            ok lets go ....


                            create a bootable USB Stick with freedos... 10 mins ... done

                            Apply Update 5 mins ...done

                            Reboot on 1st Gen Inetl SSD (Win 7) ... done..

                            Check "Clean" (Use win7 to create a partition .... then delete....seems ok full 300 G .. wow fixed)..... done

                            Start Intel Migration Tool (Request As-Is Migration ... can always grow and move the partitions afterwards)....... starts ... looking real good..... done.

                            Restarts and tells me its doing its stuff........    FREEZE......................... BOOM   cant access ... ?????

                            Ok reboot.... Done


                            OMx .... win 7 does not pick it up in the drive list .... no partition.... 8MB....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggg


                            So lets see now 3days later ..3*7+3*7+5*7+2 = 21+21+35+2 = 79 days ..   or 3 days if we only count from the last crash...


                            welcome to the world of reliability... well as long as you


                            a) dont use the 2nd Gen

                            b) keep using the 1st Gen


                            so to answer your point ... get the first gen ... mines has been up and running in 1 macbook pro and a M$ box for over a year now

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                              did anyone brick his ssd AFTER the firmware update running solely osx (no bootcamp, no intel tools, ...)?

                              • 72. Re: 8/13 Update on "Bad Context 13x Error" for Intel SSD 320 Series

                                Every drive is going to fail some day, there's no exception to that. HDD drives fail, SSD drives fail. If the data are so valuable, you should definitely backup regularly. Yes, Intel 320 drives have some issues right now, but that does not mean the other drives are safe - there's plenty of reports about SSD failures over the net. I'm just pointing out that the logic "Intel 320 has a bug, let's use an SSD from someone else because then my data will be safe" is flawed.


                                No drive can ever eliminate the need of backups. This is especially true for SSD drives, because they tend to to fail suddenly. The spinners OTOH usually fail over a period of time, so it's possible to do notice that (S.M.A.R.T. warning, strange sounds, ...) and backup the data somewhere else.

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                                  that is true, but I don't expect a brand new drive to fail after 3 weeks just prior to a client presentation.

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                                    Don't confuse HDDS with car parts, there is a difference, the reason SSD's are attractive (and expensive) is because there are no moving parts if we have to trash them the first 2-3 weeks defeats the whole purpose, obviously there is a problem with the 320 series, pretending it doesn't exist makes you (and intel) look like fools, no wonder you call yourself fuzzy, have a fuzzy day buddy.

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