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    Intel HD Graphics Question And Issue


      Hello folks,

      I have a Toshiba L655-s5168

      Specs are:

      i5 M480 - 2.6 Ghz

      4GB DDR3 Ram

      and Intel HD graphics (Intel65 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5 According to Intel Graphics Properties Info)


      My Question is after reading up on the Integrated Intel HD chips and I'm still confused as to which model i have (x3100, 3100, 3000/2000, etc )  Only Link i found is this  http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-029090.htm but seems a bit too broad. anything i can use to make sure? i used cpu Z, PC wizard 10, and the intel graphics properties and still don't have a solid answer.


      My issue with this is the driver and the overall performance. The driver located on the toshiba wesbite is a bit outdate (date wise) and seems like Intel released newer versions for the HD graphics, but since i'm unaware of which i have i am not able to find the proper driver. I am currently using and the intel hardware scan is telling me it's up to date which is wrong because it told me the same with the old driver too. This has caused my Windows Index Performance to drop down to 4.3 when my wife's toshiba (same as min ebut with an i3 and intel HD) is clocking a 5.4... wth? This is my first experience with integrated video, so I have no idea how to deal w these.


      I understand this is not gonna be a powerhouse pc and won't be able to run demanding games but i have my gaming rig (i7 950 OC @4.3, 12 gb ram, sli 460 gtx) when i need to game, this is just to kill time on trips and other weaker games.



      any help would be greatly appreciated.