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    82579LM No full/half duplex options work


      Hi everyone,


      I have an issue regarding the Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network card in a brand new HP PC (Windows 7 x64, latest NIC drivers from HP website)


      I need the Link speed and Duplex set to 100Mbps - Full Duplex.


      When I set this to 100/Full, or indeed any other option other than auto-negotiate, I lose my network connection immediately. (Network Connections shows Network cable unplugged.)  If I set to auto-negotiate and reboot, I have the connection enabled without problem.


      Leaving it at auto-negotiate is not an option. I need it set to 100/Full. I also have all of the following options disabled:


      Adaptive Inter-Frame Spacing

      Energy Efficient Ethernet

      Flow Control

      Checksum Offload

      Interrupt Moderation

      Jumbo Packet

      Large Send Offload

      Priority and VLAN

      Protocal NS Offload

      Receive Side Scaling

      System Idle Power Saver

      Wait for Link


      and all Power management settings. Also Transmit/Receive Buffers set to 2048.


      Any advice or suggestions welcomed. Am pulling my hair out here!

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          Ok, having investigated this further, I have found the following.


          When "Wait for Link" is set to Off  and  link speed is set to anything other than auto negotiate, the NIC loses all connectivity and reports no cable is plugged in. When "Wait for Link" is set to On or Auto, there is no problem in setting link speed.


          We have tested this thoroughly and are 100% sure this is a bug with the NIC. We are using the latest driver, and have tested on 3 different brand new PC's.

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            I have a DQ67SW board here that uses an onboard Intel 82579LM Gigabit network controller.  I installed Windows 7 64bit and update the drivers from the installer CD one by one starting with the chipset drivers.  I tried the different link speeds and so far I did not encounter the issue.  (Try installing from scratch if you are using a new system and work your way up one by one)


            Here are the details of the drivers.

            Initial driver;

            Original Proset version is
            Original Driver Version:
            tried different link speeds including 100Mbps Full Duplex, Auto-generate, etc except for the Gigabit speed since I am using only a 100Mbps switch.  So far everything is working ok.


            I also tried to download the 16.4 software and it also worked ok. You can try it out but I suggest checking it out with HP first.  Here is the link http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20275&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%207%2C%2064-bit*&DownloadType=Drivers


            What is your exact system system configuration (brand and model)
            What kind of switch/router are you using? you might want to check the settings too.

            Are you using an add-on or onboard NIC?

            Check to see if there are any conflicts in Device Manager.


            Let me know if this helps.



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              Hi, thanks for the reply.



              I did a fresh installation of Windows 7 when attempting to troubleshoot the problem. I have tried the original Windows driver, reinstalling the driver through the HP recovery disc, and installing the driver from the HP website (v


              It is a HP 8200 Elite Microtower with onboard Intel 82579LM. We have tried using a dumb switch (Netgear) and our usual Netgear ProSafe managed switch; however as I mentioned, when the link speed is set to 100/Full, we lose all connection, so I'm fairly sure the switch is irrelevant to our issue.


              There are no conflicts in Device Manager, running the Intel Diagnostics when the card is set to 100/Full just produces a result saying that a cable is unplugged. Of course, it is not.


              I will try the driver version 16.4 as you suggested and post whether I have any luck or not.


              Thanks for your help.

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                Hi Winston432 and Rosiao -


                Thank you for using Intel Ethernet!  I wanted to let you know that we had identified a problem similiar to what you describe when forcing the speed and duplex from the advanced tab.  The fix for this issue should be coming out this month and will be part of our 16.5 release.



                -- miles

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                  We are having a similar problem with the 82579LM in HP PCs and laptops and are wondering if it might also be addressed by the 16.5 driver update.  Our switch ports and nics are set to 100 Full.  While the nic is set to 100 Full, the actual link speed drops to 100 Half--if not immediately, then shortly, and definitely once the PC has been rebooted.  At 100 Half, the speed at which we can upload large files is drastically slower than it is at 100 Full.  Our short-term fix is to install the driver for the 82577 nic, which runs at 100 full and does not drop back to 100 Half.  We'd appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have.  Thanks. 

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                    A zip file of the version 16.5 CD is available at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20232. I expect that web packs by OS t to be posted later this week or next week if you want to wait for a smaller download size.


                    This the version that has the fix that Miles posted about.


                    Mark H

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                      The 82579LM driver available with the 16.5 CD doesn't seem to correct our problem.   In fact the driver date and version, 7/20/2011 and, respectively, appear to be the same as what we had installed before I updated the driver.  Is the driver version that is found on the 16.5 CD, or did I fail to update the nic software properly?



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                        Correction:  previously, we tried the 82579LM driver, dated 12/21/2010, version  Regardless, version doesn't correct the problem I outlined previously.

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                          We are also having problems with the full/half duplex options for the 82579LM and are awaiting the 16.5 version for the fix.  I am just wondering if there is any ETA for the release of the Windows drivers.



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                            You can get the Windows* 7 web pack from http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18713. The files just went out to the main server a short time ago, so depending on the mirror where you get your file, you might still be seeing version 16.4 instead of version 16.5. That will clear up as the caches get updated. So if you get 16.4 instead of 16.5, I would say try back later or tomorrow (August 23).


                            For the "not getting a connection when configuring speed or duplex other than auto negotiate" fix, if version 16.5 does not seem to resolve the issue, then try completely uninstalling the software and drivers for the network connection. Then do a clean install. Let us know how that works.


                            Mark H

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                              Hi Mark,


                              I should have been more clear, our users are still running XP and were wondering when 16.5 drivers would be released for it.


                              Thanks again,



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                                The Windows* webpacks work for all versions of Windows from Windows XP and Server 2003 up through Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. The pages where you download the webpacks for specific versions of Windows have different lists of adapters and controllers depending on what device supports which version of Windows.


                                For example, if you have a device that has drivers for Windiows 7, but not Windows Server 2008 R2, you would see that device on the list for Windows 7, but not on the list for Server 2008 R2. But, you can download from any of the "Windows" pages and get the same webpack.


                                PROWin32.exe is the same file for 32-bit Windows on every download center page.

                                PROWinx64.exe is the same file for 64-bit Windows on every download center page.


                                I expect that all the pages will be update to 16.5 files before today is over, but you can download 16.5 right now from the WIndows 7 link and use the file on Windows XP.


                                I hope this explanation is helpful instead of confusing. I hope version 16.5 meets your expectations.


                                Mark H

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                                  I expect all of the 16.5 download center webpacks to be live by the end of the day (if they are not already live.) I am checking on them now. For those who want the Windows XP webpack, here it is: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18717. I just checked and this one is now at version 16.5.

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                                    Hi Mark,


                                    We still continue to face the same problems.



                                    • Hardware: Lenovo M91p and Dell T1600 with the embedded 82579LM Ethernet Controller
                                    • Software: Windows XP SP3
                                    • Network: PC set to 100Mbps/Full Hard. Switch set to 100Mbps/Full Hard.


                                    Driver Versions Tested:

                                    • Intel PROSet Version, Driver Version: (e1c5132.sys), Driver Date: 21 Dec 2010
                                    • Intel PROSet Version, Driver Version:, Driver Date: 23 Jun 2011
                                    • Intel PROSet Version, Driver Version:, Driver Date: 20 Jul 2011


                                    Scenario and Results:



                                    100Mbps/Full Hard100Mbps/Full Hard100Mbps/Half (see NOTE A)
                                    Auto NegotiationAuto/Auto100Mbps/Full (Auto)
                                    100Mbps/Full HardAuto/Auto100Mbps/Full (see NOTE B)
                                    Auto Negotiation100Mbps/Full Hard100Mbps/Half


                                    • NOTE A: The connection would sometimes connect at 100Mbps/Full or 100Mbps/Half. Disconnecting* and re-connecting NIC may cause a change from Full to Half (or vice-versa). Sometimes, when we reconnect, we don't get a link at all. We'll have to try several times. No consistency or clear pattern has been established. It is seemingly random. (*Disconnecting by unplugging the cable or disabling the NIC via Control Panel).
                                    • NOTE B: This scenario seems to indicate that even when the setting on the 82579LM is set to 100Mbps/Full Hard, it still seems to "negotiate." That is why it ends up as 100Mbps/Full. Strictly speaking, if it does not negotiate, then it should fall back to 100Mbps/Half. This is just my opinion based on the test results.


                                    Event Viewer Data: When reviewing System Event Viewer data, filtered by Source: e1cexpress, we noticed the following:

                                    • On a PC without any issues (e.g., embedded 82567LM-3) or with the 82579LM set to auto-auto, we will only see one entry for e1cexpress (Event 33). We have hundreds of desktops in an environment set to 100/******* both ends and we've never encountered this problem.
                                    • On the PC's we tested with the embedded 82579LM ethernet controller, we noticed that there will always be 2 e1cexpress entries in the event viewer (either 34 then 33; or 27 then 33). Again, if we set the 82579LM to auto and set the switch to auto as well, we only get 1 e1cexpress event viewer entry.


                                    Event ID Descriptions:

                                    • Event ID 27: Network link is disconnected.
                                    • Event ID 33: Network link has been established at 100Mbps full duplex.
                                    • Event ID 34: Network link has been established at 100Mbps half duplex.


                                    Let us know if you have any suggestions on what else we can try to resolve this issue.



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