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      well, i bought a new laptop and encountered a problem on few games like  C-S 1.6 and COD MW2. the point is, the laptop has 2 GPU-s.on most games I  can manually switch in NVIDIA c.panel which program to use which GPU.  but the 2 mentioned games present a big problem. simply, the system  doesn't recognise that the game is on and runs it with the intel HD  GPU... HOW CAN I FIX THAT?? IS THERE A WAY TO DISABLE THE HD GPU AND  ONLY USE MY GT 540M!???

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          We provide the option to use them both actively on your computer, however the option to enable, disable or switch between them will depend on your system manufacturer.


          In this case I suggest you to check directly with your system builder to see if there is a option to manually setting one video controller within the operating system, or maybe disable the Intel® HD Graphics from the system BIOS when you are going to play one of the game you are having issues with.