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      • 30. Re: DH61DL video distortion + computer freezes (SOLUTION FOUND)

        Wow! Finally found a solution to have a working board with TWO dimms and 8GB.


        Just return the crappy Intel board to the distributor and buy an ASUS P8H61-I board. Same price, same chipset and more more more features, like HDMI, graphical BIOS, overclock, SATA hotplug and more rear USB ports.


        This board works like a charm with the same two dimms, so the problem is with Intel motherboard's design or BIOS, nor the chipset or dimms.


        Intel have disappointed me, so this was my first and the last Intel motherboard.


        Good luck!

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          Hi all,


          I'm a reseller of computer, and i use this intel mother board for all enterprise that need, a simple computer for their employes.


          Any computer, have the same problem wich are describe in this topic.


          Any one have found a solution ? I need two DDIM and this mother board, i can't change all their mother board, i bought more than 50 dh61dl


          For me, the problem, is only random... and not in all computers...


          I need HELP.

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            This morning i contacted, the Intel support.


            For Intel, my problem is with power supply, they said that my configuration need 350 Watts.

            It's incridible that a mother board like that (mini ITX) need 350 watts to work.


            My configuration:


            CPU; I3 - 2100

            SSD Intel 320 series

            2 Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G

            and the enclosure is an Antec ISK 300 - 150, so with a power supply 150 watts.


            So how can we use this mother board, in a little configuration like mini ITX? Because, An enclosure mini ITX with a power supply 350 watts doesn't exist...


            That is really ridiculous...


            I wait an email, from Intel, to have information about the consumation of this mother board.


            Because, the most ridiculous, it's that they found their 350 watts in a example...


            They doesn't know the consumation of this mother board...


            So... HAVE FUN

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              Hello everyone.


              ALOT of people have this issue apparently, and Intel won't even recognize it being a problem with their board.


              The only way to work around the issue is to only use 1 ram, but even then there is a high % failiure of the board in any way.


              Can some Intel representative please confirm that this board is under investigation of what is going on, or are we all just screwed for being customers to a too big company??


              Regarding the PSU issue: I've tried with a 550W Psu just to confirm that it is not power-supply related. And I can confirm that regardless if you use a 1000W PSU, this issue still occurs.



              Official Intel representative please reply in this post, this customer service is redicoulus.

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                Thanks for informations.


                I will continue, to send mail to Intel to have more information, about this mother board....


                But for me, it's evident that, this mother board is clearly out of use.


                The last update of the GPU don't find issu...

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                  Thank you for suggesting that it is time for intel to respond to this chain.  I agree  


                  1. does this board work period and  if so with what parts. anyone got a fully working stable system built using this board. would like to hear about successes.  Even with one DIMM I get the fuzzy video screen far to often.

                  2. is it or is it not a mini-itx solution. if it is than stop the foolishness of a 350W + power supply.  Sure if you use a super duper Graphics card than you will need a large power supply but who would do that in a mini-itx case.  Intel get off the ground and give us  power usage numbers for a normal mini-itx build using your own graphic unit built into the processor. PS you drove spme poor junior engineer wacko running numbers during development.

                  3.  What are the board revisions out there Mine is AAG14066-202. Do some revisions work but others not?

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                    So, to give more information, with a power supply of 500 watts, that's the same, the system freeze.


                    It's the same problem for all revision of the mother board, i sold more than 30 units of this mother board...


                    I have a contact with many personns of Intel and the problem is the same...


                    So what's up ???


                    the situation become rediculous for Intel...


                    I tried many configuration, i3, i5, 4 or 8 G of memory, one or two ddim, 150W or 500 watts power supply... that's the same, the problem come from the mother board!!

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                      I've had a few boards with this problem, RMA them to intel to get a board that at least works with one ram.


                      I've sold a few stable systems, had a few with videofreeze even with 1 ram, but I've done RMA on those, and got working systems.

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                        I think i find the solution, i re re re read all the post on this topic, and i see that all personns, use the same ram : the kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G!!!


                        On my job we only this ram, in version 2G or 4G, so i try with two 4G ram, and since 3 hours of stress test, i have no shutdown or freeze...


                        So, i think the solution is here, i will buy other ram in 2G to confirm that the problem is the KVR1333D3N9/2G.


                        So intel, for me, is not the responsable of this problem, but not 100% innocent, because, they recommands this ram with this mother board...


                        If i find an other solution, I come back here

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                          My DIMMs was 2x4G Kingston and have the problem. So, the problem, is not the DIMMs.


                          Same DIMMs works perfect on an ASUS board.

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                            Hummm ok, you have the KVR1333D3N9/4G ?


                            i'm so sad, i believed that i found the solution...

                            • 41. Re: DH61DL video distortion + computer freezes

                              There is a small thread on this same topic in the resellers-only forum. Below, I've copied a message I posted to the resellers-only forum several days ago. Unfortunately, there seems to be no activity on that thread, so I'm reposting it here. Also, five days ago, I opened a support request with Intel, referencing both this message thread and the one on the reseller-only forum. I've received no response yet.


                              --- Begin Copy ---

                              I've spent a very good deal of  time on this issue trying to narrow down the problem. I have some 20-odd  computers for customers needing to be built with this board.


                              Hardware Config:

                                  In-Win 300-watt chassis (IW-BP655.300TBL)

                                  Intel DH61DL (BOXDH61DLB3)

                                  Intel Core i5 2500 3.3GHz CPU (BX80623I52500)

                                  Kingston 4GB PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3 (KVR1333D3N9K2/4G) (kit of two 2GB sticks)

                                  Intel 80GB SSD (SSDSA2CW080G3K5)

                                  Windows 7 Pro OEM 64-bit


                              Software Setup:

                                  - BIOS updated to v0023 (2011-05-24)

                                  - Default BIOS configuration with the only exception being UEFI Boot = Enabled

                                  - Windows 7 base install plus all Windows Updates

                                  - Installed all latest drivers from Intel's website:

                                      - 2011-04-22 - Intel Chipset Device Software for Intel Desktop Boards v9.2.0.1030

                                      - 2011-04-27 - Intel Desktop Utilities v3.1.4.031a

                                      - 2011-05-03 - Intel HD Graphics Driver v15.22.1.2361

                                      - 2011-05-12 - Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver for Intel Desktop Boards v10.5.0.1027

                                      - 2011-07-04 - Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Driver v2.1.19.0

                                      - 2011-07-27 - Intel PRO Network Connections LAN Driver v16.4

                                      - 2011-07-25 - Realtek ALC Audio Driver v6410

                                  - No addional software installed


                              Video  scamble/system lockup was random until I found the public  discussion.  Since then, I've been able to use the Windows Experience  Index to force  the problem to occur fairly reliably. In this configuration, the WEI  will run for a short while and then the video will scramble and the  system will lock up. Hard reboot required. Drasticly adjusting BIOS  configuration (as described below) has no effect.



                              Alternate software setup:

                                  - BIOS updated to v0023 (2011-05-24)

                                  - Default BIOS configuration

                                  - Windows 7 base install with _NO_ Windows Updates

                                  - _NO_ drivers installed for the hardware


                              Running WEI causes the system to reboot at a random point during the evaluation.



                              Alternate software setup:

                                  - BIOS updated to v0023 (2011-05-24)

                                  - BIOS configuration:

                                      - Active Processor Cores: 1

                                      - Processor Overrides:

                                          - Maximum Non-Turbo Ratio: 16

                                          - Intel Turbo Boost Technology: Disabled

                                      - Graphics Max Multiplier: 1 (one)

                                      - All unnecessary peripheral devices disabled in BIOS

                                  - Windows 7 base install with _NO_ Windows Updates

                                  - _NO_ drivers installed for the hardware


                              In  this configuration, I can actually consistently run the WEI usually 3  or 4 times in a row before the computer spontaneously reboots.



                              ****  I have ruled out the 300-watt power supply by running the same tests  with a 500-watt supply (Azza PSAZ-500C12). Same results.


                              **** Same results using either VGA or DVI video out.


                              **** The computer appears to be reliable with ONE stick of RAM in EITHER slot.


                              **** The RAM used in testing was extensively tested using MEMTEST86+ in the DH61DL test computers.


                              ****  In the very early stages of testing, I MAY have experienced the problem  (video scramble + reboot) when booting to The SystemRescueCD  (www.sysresccd.org), a Linux distro. However, aside from that one  possible occurence, I have not been able to duplicate it outside of  Windows and would have to chalk it up to "unconfirmed".



                              After  several days of testing, and unless Intel will give us some input, I  have to conclude that there seems to be nothing that I can do to make  these boards reliable enough for my customers at the present time.


                              --- End Copy ---


                              In the time since I originally posted the above message, I've added a few more observations:


                              1)  I have at least one computer build (same identical hardware) that has failed for me with similar video distortion and lockup, using the System Rescue CD (a linux boot CD) I mentioned above. If this could be duplicated on other computers, then this fact would completely eliminate Windows and any Windows based hardware drivers as being a factor.

                              2)  I have 19 computers with nearly identical hardware in place at a client. These computers ARE STABLE. They all have the same mainboard, RAM, chassis/power supply, and Windows 7 as listed above. The differences in these computers:

                                  2a) BIOS rev. is what was shipped with the board. Ie. No BIOS update (but we've ruled that out already).

                                  2b) Intel 40GB SSD (SSDSA2CT040G310) rather than 80GB (I can't believe that is a factor).

                                  2c) Core i5 2405S 2.5 GHz processor (BX80623I52405S) versus the Core i5 2500 3.3GHz CPU in the problem builds.


                                        ^_This is the most likely factor between my previous "stable" build and my current "not so stable" builds.




                              • 42. Re: DH61DL video distortion + computer freezes



                                Yes. You can read my first post:



                                Unique way to get this working, is returning the board and buy an ASUS P8H61-I. Works perfectly with same DIMMS, so the problem is Intel design, not memory.


                                Good luck!

                                • 43. Re: DH61DL video distortion + computer freezes

                                  @Juanjico : I can't change for an asus, because like cneeper, i'm a reselle, so i sell more than 30 units of this mother board...


                                  @ Cneeper : It is really interesting all your test, but i can't believe, that the probleme come from the CPU, Because, on all, my config, i install i3 - 2100 and that's the same problem... So, in our config, the same hardware, that we have, it is the mother board... and the ram, i should receive today the same stick that you use, the kit of 2. But i think, the probleme i will not find an issue...


                                  I tried with : KVR1333D3N9/2G and that freeze, and with the 4G version, i hva no problem since 24 hours of stress test...

                                  But, other personnes says that with this DDIM, they have the freezes problem...

                                  • 44. Re: DH61DL video distortion + computer freezes

                                    @Alias84: Actually, I agree with you. I actually don't think that the problem is the CPU. In fact, I'm pretty much convinced now that the problem is most definitely in the motherboard itself. My hope is that Intel can resolve the problem with a simple firmware update. I wasn't very clear in my previous post, but when I mentioned the comparison between the "stable" and "unstable" builds, I was just pointing out the only thing I could find that was significantly different between the two. The only significant difference was the CPU. But I don't think the CPU is really the problem at all. In fact, if I take one of the two sticks of RAM out of the "unstable" computer, it magically becomes "stable".


                                    Now, there IS a difference between the two processors, which could be a factor:  The Core i5-2405S 2.5GHz CPU in the "stable" build only draws up to 65W, while the Core i5-2500 3.3GHz CPU draws up to 95W. If that's a factor, then I still think the problem is within the motherboard (or firmware) and NOT the power supply as proven by my own tests and some others that have tried a sufficiently large power supply. The 30W difference could explain why the lower power CPU build is stable, whereas the higher power CPU build is unstable...unless one stick of RAM is removed...which lowers the power consumption. It also might explain why I can (slightly) affect the symptoms by severely limiting the board's performance in the BIOS (theoretically limiting the power consumption). However, it would still be a problem internal to the board because the 500 watt test power supply I used would be able to provide plenty of power to the board.


                                    No matter how I look at the problem, I keep coming to the conclusion that there is nothing I can do to be able to trust the Intel DH61DL motherboard at this point in time unless Intel chimes in and tells us specifically what is wrong.


                                    In the meantime, I have orders that have been greatly delayed by this problem. As suggested earlier by someone else, I've ordered an ASUS

                                    P8H61-I Rev.3 board to test. If it works with all the parts I already have ready to build, I'll substitute the ASUS board for all the Intel boards. (I opted to go with a different manufacturer rather than a similar mini ITX Intel board figuring that there is a pretty good chance that a similar Intel board will have a similar problem. The OP posted his message nearly three months ago, I think, and Intel hasn't given us any input as to the problem and whether or not it is limited to just the DH61DL. I don't feel I can waste any more time or money risking a similar Intel board when I have at least one example of a claim that the ASUS is a good replacement in this case.)


                                    Once the pressure to deliver to my clients is off, I'll re-evaluate what to do with the Intel boards...send them back or wait for a solution. Much of that decision will ride what Intel does.


                                    So far, Intel has completely ignored my service ticket. Five days so far and not so much as a **** from Intel.


                                    And they call me a Gold Partner...