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    i7 930 core 3 seems irratic



      My core3 recently displays this behavior.  On restart it just purrs along but then suddenly will jump to 95+%.  The other cores seem fine.  The processor passed Intel's test.  The computer itself now requires frequent startup repairs and seems slower than in the past.

      MB=MSI Big bang

      Win 7 Pro 64 bit

      24 GB ram

      Graphics=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480


      Could I be seeing the beginning of a core failure?

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          Keep in mind that the usage of the cores is determined by the operating system and any running program, this behavior can be caused by a virus or a program that is not properly working.

          In this particular case, I would suggest trying a clean installation of the operating system, this might help solve your issue.

          Also Install the latest BIOS version for your computer, if you have not done this yet.

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            Thanks Adolfo

            Logical suggestion. I should have said that I have already replaced the "C" drive and done a clean install also BIOS plus all drivers are topped.  The system is watched over by three anti virus wares and shows all green.  I'd like to hang on to this CPU until the price drops on a 6 core, but I produce pro video on this box and must find a solution.

            As as I can tell the only odd issue is the 3rd core in my 930 running so hot and irratic.  You seem to be with Intel, is there some place in the SF Bay area where I could get the CPU tested?

            I appreciate your assistance.

            John McCue

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              Currently Intel does not have local testing facilities, however you can take the processor to any local computer store to be tested, or you can test the processor on a friend’s compatible motherboard.

              If the processor causes the same behavior on a 2nd motherboard, then you can contact the local support center for any warranty option at:


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                John,  Are you saying that the third core will go to 95% usage, and just stay there?  Is that for long periods, until you reboot the PC?  When this happens, did you ever try closing all your programs, basically having the PC idle as much as possible, and then start Task Manager, and try to find the process that is causing this?  You could also use Windows programs such as Resource Monitor to possibly find what is doing this.  If you don't find a process running that can be blamed for this, then that points more towards a CPU problem.


                So you've never had problems with using multiple anti-virus software?  Those can run in the background, and perhaps get confused when running concurrently and cause odd behavior.  Also, is there anything new that you installed, either software or hardware?  It's easy to forget doing something and then have it cause an issue which seems to be out of nowhere.

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                  Solution? Seems weird to me.

                  I'm on a MSI Big Bang.  Yesterday, reduced to the "try anything cause this is driving me nuts" stage, I pressed the OC button and launched...Core 3 just behaved like a perfectly normal core and has stayed that way since.  I pulled an all nighter last night, lots of motion graphics and the core stayed calm as ice.  So, my guess is that either the OC kicked the core in the *** and got it back in line or that the core just wanted the CPU to fly.  I get a nice bump in clock speed and my core seems happy.

                  Thanks to all who answered.


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                    Opps...spoke too soon.  Two days after my OC solution my CPU went South and was replaced with a new Intel 960.  I'm back to happily editing video.