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        I can boot 64-bit with 4GB but when I start Resource Monitor, System Interrupts is taking over 50% to the CPU. Have you check your CPU usage?  I use the this system for Media Center and Photo editing so I will like more memory but I can live with 4 GB.  I am still working with MS but they are not very responsive.

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          I've no such problems with resource hogging here and all behaves well. Before trying to get any assistance from Microsoft, you should really be making sure everything is as up to date as possible with your current setup (and even then as it's not a Win 7 supported motherboard, I wouldn't be surprised if you still have issues with the 64 bit OS). For the uses you've described, the 32 bit OS will be more than adequate (and as with my experience will almost certainly run faster in most situations). I've recently got rid of my 64 bit compatible Multi-function printer/scanner/fax so will go back to the 32 bit OS soon so I can use my original 'oldie but goodie' individual versions of each of these.

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            The BIOS update 1738 specifically addressed issues with 4GB RAM.  I know of no reason not to update to that or newer and would not stay with 1687 or older.

            Some of the RAM usage is still 16-bit.  At this point it's dependent on what programs you're using whether there is any benefit from 64-bit.  Some apps in the last Internet Explorer 8 iteration on my DG45ID were very frustrating in 64-bit but 32-bit would probably also be bad.  For a board this old the 32-bit should be better optimized but I didn't detect a difference since I was no longer multitasking with the system.

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              Oh and in case you missed what I mentioned here in post no 11, I'm using a different Intel Motherboard (a DG45ID) so don't think I've got things working correctly with YOUR model of motherboard under Win 7 x64. The original poster who started this thread has already updated to the latest BIOS (it's in one of his posts Curious) and was mentioning it therefore being a hardware issue, I agree that it does seem hardware specific given that example. By all means rwfort46 you should upgrade to the latest BIOS and check again (after taking the appropriate precautions of backing up your data first etc) but don't expect this board to work fine under the x64 version of Win 7 - you're lucky such an old board even works fully with the 32 bit version. Again the 32 bit version is what I'd be using if I had this board for a regular home or Media Center PC.

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                The compatibility for the Q6600 mentioned by rich should match http://processormatch.intel.com/COMPDB/SearchResult.aspx?ProcNbr=Q6600&Lang=en-US.  This specifies minimum BIOS 1713 for SLACR and other models.  Basic boot funtionality is supposed to be confirmed but the tested RAM amount and OS is unknown.  This processor is reputed to overclock well on appropriate boards for enthusiasts.

                While I was unable to install Vista  32-bit on a DG915GEV, someone else was able to and only encountered memory problems on attempting to install Win 7.  Components and installation procedures will vary.  Again, Win 7 is not supported for the DG965WH but could work in some configurations.

                I am speculating about RAM being different from hard drive usage regarding the bits.  The DG965WH was released about the same time as Vista 32 was available and my E6400 core-2-duo was one of the slower processors available.  The E6400 is now in my DG45ID/Vista 64-bit/4GB 667MHz media system and functions OK but the Q8300/Win 7 version was nicer.  The only (minor) problems my two Q6600/DG45ID Win 7 with 4 and 8GB 800MHz systems have are due to how some software programs are closed, resulting in memory leaks.

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                  This thread seems to be a home for DG965WH owners, so while I could start a new thread I'm hoping subscribers to past posts will chime in!


                  I have a DG965WH and it has served me well. Now I'd like to take it on a new adventure. Please comment if you have experience or insight into the following numbered upgrade steps.


                  1. Update to the most current BIOS. I've done BIOS updates before, I am not a afraid. The ReadMe associated with this upgrade lists many bugs being fixed, some of which I suspect I've noticed in the past. Looks like the most current for this board is 1754. I see references on the processor compatibility tool to 8016. That BIOS does not load on a DG965WH board. The compatibility tool is therefore not reliable.


                  2. Upgrade to 8GB RAM. Looks like the board supports it at 667MHz. I'd prefer my DDR2 DIMMs ran at the 800MHz available to the FSB for RAM, but apparently the board down-shifts to 667MHz when you go above 4GB. I'll be sure to order compliant RAM according to the original DG965WH specifications.


                  3. Pull out my E4500 Core 2 Duo. Replace it with a E6700 Core 2 Duo. (Why? because the E6700 contains the virtual machine assist microcode support). The E4500 is a 800MHz clocked processor. The E6700 is 1066MHz. The DG965WH supports either clocking. Has anyone popped in a 1066MHz processor into their DG965WH successfully? My case has lots of fans, I'm not worried about heat.


                  4. Buy three more drives and reconfigure my pair of RAID1 SATA drives for an array of five RAID5 drives. Configure the RAID5 in the BIOS.


                  5. Install the free VMware ESXi hypervisor. I'd like the RAID5 controller to transparently present a single large data store to ESXi. Will this work without the 965 SATA controller drivers (or are those drivers already baked in to VMware ESXi)? How will my OS be notified if one of the drives fail? Kind of defeats the purpose of RAID5 if you never are alerted that a drive has failed. If this won't work, I'll skip RAID and just do lots of frequent backups.


                  6. Install Windows Home Server 2011 (essentially Windows Server 2008 R2 on the cheap) as a guest VM. Install some other VM appliances, Linux, both 32bit and 64bit, etc.




                  Thanks for your advice.

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                    Forgive the lack of specific response to your items but it seems that for 4 times the money invested you would get 3 to 4 times the machine with a better future.  If you do not multitask much, your prospective system may be quite usable.  The migration to a new system is the greatest concern, particularly if you have RAID setup.  Where data is important, RAID should only be used by those willing to invest the time and accept the uncertainty.

                    My current experience is limited to DG45ID/Q8300 with 8 GB 800MHz RAM/500MB graphics card and Microsoft Virtual PC.  Using preview software, I see what appears to be a RAM bottleneck when multitasking.  Ignoring system independent hibernation issues when applications are left open, the performance is satisfactory with only two apps open, but Virtual PC may not be realistic.  I believe this differs from your VMWare scenario in that the RAM needs to be preconfigured but system resources are less stressed.  With about 2.8 GB RAM allotted for Virtual PC and no preview software I can easily run two apps plus a third in Virtual PC.

                    I am still uncertain whether I will need an Ivy Bridge board with 16 GB RAM.  The improved graphics is the greatest attraction, rather than features such as USB 3.0 or the potential of 2800 MHz RAM.

                    The primary attraction of the DG965WH would be knowing that it works well with Linux.

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                      I should withdraw my reservation about future compatibility.  My Win7 system has stabilized after moving in RAM, a graphics card and preview Visual Studio software.  Adaptation and reorganization of files has eliminated the stuttering upon resizing and moving of windows as well as occasional slow scrolling.  While I could consider Virtual PC now, the potential of mounting virtual hard drives with Windows 8 is not of particular interest at this time.  This is a welcome development since the release version of Visual Studio was likely to predate Ivy bridge systems.

                      Your prospective system sounded to be a little more demanding but I would leave it to others to comment about your hard drive setup.  An old power supply might not adapt well to a RAID setup and would be another reason to consider a new system.

                      The comments about the E6700 on NewEgg are confusing and I gave up trying to find appropriate Intel support pages for it.

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                        Reporting progress:


                        I successfully upgraded to the latest BIOS image (1754). For some reason the Intel MQ96510J.86A.1754.EB.EXE Windows XP executable did not function. Instead I used the download MQ96510J.86A.1754.BI.zip (extracted file MQ1754P.ISO) ISO image and boot from a CD in order to flash the BIOS update. Perhaps it is coded to require some specific version of Windows - just not Windows XP Professional SP3?


                        I purchased 4 2GB sticks of DDR2 800MHz RAM (8GB total). (Corsair VS2GB800D2 PC2-6400). This memory has specifications that match the requirements listed in the DG965WH. Interestingly, the DG965WH indicates that the bus speed will be stepped down to 667MHz. I find that both the BIOS and the Intel Desktop Utilities reports the 8GB RAM running at 800MHz. Perhaps a BIOS improvement allows the higher clocking (and the documentation is out of date)? There is no specific mention of this in the BIOS upgrade readme files. Another strange thing: the Intel Desktop Utilities (version reports total RAM as "8MB" instead of "8GB". Before my upgrade it may have reported "2MB" instead of "2GB", but I had never noticed this reporting error prior to today. Funny. Control Panel > System correctly reports the available RAM to the 32bit OS as 3.24GB.


                        I have not yet upgraded to a 64bit operating system or ESXi. That is coming later, after I upgrade my processor to one that supports Intel VT (virtual technology) assist.

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                          My D965WH/Vista32 had 3.317 physical for 4x1GB 667MHz DDR2 RAM or 3.56 with a 256MB graphics card.  With Vista64, system info reported 3.93.  Vista does not have the issue of reserving memory for peripherals, although redundant memory can be created through PAE to expand the limits of XP.  PAE has limited info and few probably bothered trying due to previous limitations of available RAM.  The 64-bit option is the best as you have inferred.  As I recall the 3.24 was most often reported by others and I don't know why the Crucial RAM would have been different.  The BIOS is responsible for available clockings.

                          The only 32-bit OS I use is for Virtual PC and that is because only 32-bit is allowed.  The last backward compatible Microsoft OS is projected to be Windows 9.

                          My DG45ID/8GB 800MHz/Win7 system reports 7.93 GB total physical, 6.31 available, 15.9 virtual, 13.9 available virtual and 7.93 page file space with a 500MB graphics card.  With only 4GB installed it shows 3.87 GB total physical.  The virtual memory may not be of much interest in a Server setting.

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                            For the curious:

                            I did some more playing with my DG965WH configuration over the last few weeks.


                            1. Runs 8GB RAM with a 32bit and 64bit OS.

                            2. I am able to load VMware ESXi 5.0 on this machine. But after some experimentation realized that this OS was not going to meet my needs (namely, no support for the built-in RAID)

                            3. I loaded Windows Home Server 2011 (which is a repackaging of Windows Server 2008 R2). There are no supported drivers for server OS on the desktop boards, but the Vista 64bit and Windows 7 64bit drivers are working so far.

                            4. I successfully loaded the RAID and LAN drivers.

                            5. Having some difficulty finding a compatible driver for "Intel® ME: Management Engine Driver for Intel 963/965 Chipset-Based Desktop Boards". This is not a show-stopper, but if I could I'd like to be able to veiw the fan speed and chip temperatures using the Intel Management Engine.

                            6. Haven't completely figured out the audio driver - it loads, but no sound yet.

                            7. Haven't looked for a video driver, the one built into Windows seems fine for my purposes.

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                              With some persistence I've got Windows Home Server 2011 working on the DG965WH and have installed all of the "Vista" drivers from Intel. Everything is working (including audio and video, indicated earlier as possible issues).


                              The only issue I've had is somehow a SATA cable loosened up on 2 of 4 drives configured in my RAID5 array (of course, making the volume inaccessible). Luckily reseating the cables and an power restart fixed that, no loss of data. I don't attribute this as a defect of the DG965WH, however.


                              I find the DG965WH to have been one of my better computer investments, it really has outlived most other computer purchases I've made, allowing me to upgrade and retain my original investment. eBay is a great place to find used parts that has allowed me to create a "real" server on the cheap!

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