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    i5 2500k die map


      Hi, new to the forum and hoping someone may be able to help. I have an Asus Sabretooth P67 mobo with 2 damaged pins. Have been able to identify the pins in the socket as:- Pin No.   Pin Name.    Buffer Type                   CPU No.

                                K-13       VSS             GND                                  AA33

                                M-20       VSS            GND                                   V35


      The Cpu No. is the contact with the socket. My question is, does anyone know what the Cpu No.`s are and what effect if any, they will have in the performance of mobo and cpu. Have looked through Intel documents as supplied by Asustek and Adolfo. Managed to work out the pin numbers and the contact points on the cpu from the socket and cpu die map. But can find no reference to what the Cpu No`s represent. Looking at the die map, i think they may have something to do with graphics. If so, is it cpu or gpu? Thanks in advance.