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    Unable to install WiDi


      I have a Toshiba E205 S1904 and the WiDi has stopped working. I tried to install the latest version of the driver ( and get the error message as shown below. I have updated the HD graphics and WiFi drivers.




      error message.JPG

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          Shashi Jain

          Do you happen to have the WiFi driver version number? Also, did you install the WiFi driver _before_ WiDi?



          Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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            I have version of HD graphics installed (tried to install version but not would not install) and version of Proset/WiFi installed. I installed wifi before widi.

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              Shashi Jain

              The error you are getting is related to WiFi drivers. Please perform these steps in order:


              1. Download latest Intel WiFi driver package (full installer)

              2. Remove WiDi software

              3. Remove WiFi drivers and _do not_ save settings, if asked. Note this will likely delete your wifi profiles.

              4. Reboot

              5. Install latest WiFi driver package. The latest at the time of this writing should be Make sure you can connect to your access point.

              6. Reboot

              7. Install latest WiDi software.


              This should clear up the problems you're having with the WiFi/WiDi.



              Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                I still cannot install WiDi. I got the original error message and the one below. WiDi was not installed on the computer.


                error message 2.JPG

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                  I'm having the same problem, I tryed everything from uninstalling the drivers, and every version of the widi, etc, This suppose to come with the widi preinstalled I have the hardware, but it wont work, dell wont help and netgear is not answering...

                  Help Heeded!!!

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                    My Lap top is a Dell XPS 17 (L702X), I can connect to the wireless, enable the "intel mywifi technology", but it is impossible to instal the Intel wireless display software, windows 7 64 bits

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                      Yes, similiar issue on toshiba e305. First error 1316 then error 1722. Although you cannot see it on the screen shot, the error 1722 states that it failed WidiAppService.exe /unregsrv ...or something like that. I wont try it again, as I have to system restore everytime just to get back t v2.0.29.0 where everything works.

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                        Shashi Jain

                        Hang tight.. We're investigating this issue on our end. We appreciate your patience as we figure out what's going on.



                        Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                          Shashi Jain

                          Thanks for your patience everyone. We had a team of engineers working this weekend to examine the problems you were seeing.  While we don't have a fixed binary released to the Intel support site, we do have instructions to help get you running using the existing WiDi installer.  Please follow these steps in order and post a reply if they fixed your problem.


                          Note: It's very important that you do not run WiDi software or Windows Media Player while performing these steps!


                          1.  Download WiDi setup.exe from here and save it.

                          2.  Reboot your PC.

                          3.  Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the WiDi Folder:

                               Upgrading from WiDi 2.0.x:

                               64-bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Corporation\Intel Wireless Display

                               32-bit - C:\Program Files\Intel Corporation\Intel Wireless Display


                               Upgrading from WiDi 2.1.x:

                               64-bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Corporation\Intel WiDi

                               32-bit - C:\Program Files\Intel Corporation\Intel WiDi


                          4. Rename WiDiApp.exe to WiDiApp_old.exe. Close the Windows Explorer.

                          5. Run the WiDi setup file.  Note that renaming WiDiApp.exe will trigger a "cleanup" operation in the installer, which should fix the issues observed and prevent them from happening again.






                          Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                            "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Corporation\Intel WiDi'  directory did not contain any .exe including WiDiApp.exe. This is on a machine with installed.

                            There were however other files + sub directories that suggested an incomplete install. On closer inspection there is also this directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel Corporation\Intel Wireless Display", which does contain the WiDiApp.exe. I can only assume that at some point between and that the install directory changed from "..\Intel Wireless Display" to "..\Intel Widi". Once I renamed the WiDiApp.exe in the "..\Intel Wireless Display", I was then able to run the setup successfully! FYI, On completetion the '..\Intel WiDi" directory then contained the WiDiApp.exe and the missing install files.


                            UNFORTUNATELY, after the succesful install, none of my netgear ptvs show up in the scan list as they did before with v2.0.29.0. This includes 2 PTV2000s and a PTV1000. I checked under MyWifi and made sure they are all Allowed (unblocked) but they still do not show up. I rolled back to system restore and Now they all show back up in the list. BTW, this is my current wifi details;

                            Product DetectedIntel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
                            Current Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiMAX Connection Utility Installed2.03.2000



                            Product DetectedIntel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
                            Current Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility Installed14.0.2.0
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                              I installed the new software as per your instructions but i still cannot detect the netgear adaptor.

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                                I purchased the Toshiba E205 Satellite laptop in April, and received the Netgear Push 2 TV (PTV1000) as part of the promotional package. Although the screen comes up on my television, my computer continues to say that WiDiApp has stopped working. I took the system to my IT person, who uninstalled, then reinstalled it. He can not get it to work.

                                I am disabled, and was really looking forward to using this application in my home. I have checked your website, and it seems like numerous customers are experiencing the same issues. Can you please help? I can be reached at the email above.

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                                  Shashi Jain

                                  Sorry for your troubles here. Please try upgrading to the latest WiDi software and WiFi driver at http://www.intel.com/go/wirelessdisplayupdate . You will need to update to the latest Graphics driver at the Toshiba website.  You'll need to update all three to make sure you're all set.


                                  thx, Shashi

                                  Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                                    i even got the ptv-2000 with my satellite e205 and i must say besides i cant understand tghe guy on the phone this is the biggest waiste of 100 ever!    im so mad i just wanted for youtube things and odds and ends. cas i have a laptop.if i had a home computer it wod be kool all the time. i pray to God when i go to best buy this week theyll take it back. i just spent all morning 6am to 1030now trying everything. such a waiste by the w3ay mine works here and there when it wants never when i want it to though. i must say i will never ever buy another netgear product ever. especially cas there4 customer service sucks real bad. oh and but the way i got the ptv1000 when i bought the nice guy at best buy did a even exchange cas it was the same price. man what a way better picture not even close.    such a better product except netgear had tghe idea the product had been released and on there website it was the same. ive had itr at least 2 3 months now    haahhahahahahah netgear sucks people!    hope i get good compensation bet only the 100 i spent more time i deserve more!    tim blanka   tinley park illnois

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