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        My PC store rang me yesterday anf said my Laptop is ready to be picked up. Couldn't confirm if it had the new chipset in it. Is it possible that they could have the replacement stock in with the new motherboards. Just seems a bit early for the new stock to be in.

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          New chips shipped back in February.

          New mother board would have been 1 to 2 weeks later rolling of the lines.


          I am not surprised your new Laptop is in.


          Enjoy! and let us know how it performs. .

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            Hmmm....I notice that it.


            Maybe they been quick replace 2nd Edition motherboard.  After delivery the 2nd Edition Sandy chipset market from Intel.   I don't know, if I'm wrong ?


            Anyway,  You make sure double check testing for SATA2 and SATA3. if successful.




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              Getting a sandbridge replacement in India is a nighmare. Since 4th July they have had my board (almost new) Although they immediately agreed to replace it, they keep saying it is not in stock. they refuse to give either a refund or an equivalent of what they have in stock. My emails go unanswered and their customercare is a nightmare. They keep promisint it will be sent immediately and nothing happens. Their service centre gives no info except to say that you can go to consumercourt.


              Initially when I called them up for a replacement, they said, it would be done in a week. Instead of a total recall, it would have been more effective to find a good way to deal with affected customers, media professionals by offering them a choice of either a small compensation, sata 2 cards etc. What now transpires is a nightmare



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                Hi Giti,  Sorry to hear about your problems getting your board replaced.  I don't understand who "they" are, that have your mother board.  Is that a retailer, the manufacture, Intel in India?  In the US, the replacement board situation is complete as far as I know.  I haven't seen any complaints about this for a long time.  Your problem is the first I have heard about in a long time.  I'm not saying it is not true, but right now I am wondering who is not providing an updated board for you.

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