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    Send an interrupt to a core that is interrupt-disabled


      Hi, all.


      I don't know well about interrupt mechanism in hardware.


      I tested interrupt behavior with some modification in SCC Linux.



      What I found is that the interrupt-disabled core cannot get an interrupt.


      Let's think about the scenario.


      1. Disable core 0's interrupt


      2. Core 1 send an interrupt to core0.


      3. Enable core 0's interrupt


      In this case, core 0 can get an interrupt generated by core 1?



      In my example code, it is not true. Could anyone tell me the detail operation of the hardware mechanism about interrupt?



      One more thing, what can I do in this case?


      Should core 1 generate an interrupt message again and again until core 0 get this?



      Thanks. Junghyun Kim.