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    SSD power loss report updates


      Intel is aware of the customer sightings on Intel SSD 320 Series.   If you experience any issue with your Intel SSD, please contact your Intel representative or Intel customer support (via web:  www.intel.com or phone: www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contact/phone) . We will provide an update when we have more information.



      Intel's NVM Solutions Group

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          I just wanted to mention that this issue is best referred to as the "8MB bug". Hopefully those keywords in this thread will help people searching for information on this problem.

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            Hello, I was going to buy 120Gb model of 320 series than I saw that issue can you tell me is it a hardware issue or firmware and it'll be fixed? If it'll be fixed I'm going to buy this drive and update firmware.

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              Were these reports the reason for the warranty extension for the 320 line?

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                Great. My drive in a macbook pro (320 series, 120GB) died today. The Intel support line in Germany does not pick up the phone and I am stuck with a dead drive on a machine I am supposed to work with instead of taking apart and reassembling dozens of time.

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                  I have this problem too.  I was able to reformat the drive and start from scratch (losing all my data) using HDDErase, but I'd like to know SOON if there will be a firmware fix for this problem or not.  IF NOT, I will be sending the drive back for a refund.  I can't risk losing everything again from a simple power loss.  PLEASE give some kind of hint as to whether this problem is fixable with a firmware update or not.



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                    How can I get a replacement drive now? My drive is about 50 days old and died today, I cannot find _any_ information on intel's website where I can check my warranty status nor can I request a RMA number.

                    This is not what I am used from a premium product, I have made much better experience with customer service of other hard drive procuding companies, unfortunately :/

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                      I have to add that I live in Europe / Austria, there is not even a phone number to call Intel from Austria.

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                        Same here. My drive lasted 15 hours or so. Then I read this thread. Tried many things and couldn't revive it.


                        What finally worked was Parted Magic -> Erase Disk -> Secure Erase


                        Since I intended to use it only for my operating systems I'm now having a good backup solution in place which enables me to restore the system pretty fast. After all, it's only 160 GB so just enough for OS and programs. ;-)


                        PS: Mine was down to 6MB, though. But I guess it's close enough to call it the "8MB bug". SMART attributes could not be read etc.

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                          Hi! SSD test!

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                            Is there a possibility to recover the data after the problem occurs?


                            To me it seems that the disc switches to some kind of "out of order" state when this happens.


                            Intel, is there a way to get the disc to a "disaster recovery" read-only state subsequently?

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                              just some suggestion

                              people that got issue with intel SSD should post more information

                              like SSD batch/version#, OS + System information, power setting (as it seems related to power cycle)

                              in computer world we know there is bad batch that die early compared to other batch

                              so maybe there is bad batch in 320 series

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                                just got my 600GB SSD, which would be for my new laptop. but currently i dont know, if i should setup my new system, just to find out, that my SSD dies with the 8MB bug. i saw now on severaly websites, including intel, that this bug is reality and that there is no firmware update or even a timeline, when intel will  release one to fix that problem.

                                so stay on the old laptop (so i dont know, why i updated the whole system) or use the laptop with the new SSD and before i shutdown the latop, make a complete backup. with working vmware images, that will take some time. i even dont know, if that bug will happen, if put the laptop into energy saving mode or if i go to a costumer, power down my laptop, to just find out, that now my data is lost, since i cant do a full backup everywhere.

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                                  Please update us on whether a firmware will be able to fix this potential problem. I bought a 120GB 320 series for a friend and his died exactly 1 month into use (8MB problem). I have the same drive but have yet to experience problems...... am hoping not to. I bought an Intel because of its reputation for reliability (I used to have a Corsair SSD that kept on dying; worst experience ever). Would like to not be disappointed.

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                                    Fritz, I would advise you to wait - My 120 GB intel died when I closed the lid of my mbp and drove to a client - hard drive was dead when I tried to wake the macbook there. Very unpleasing.. Hopefully Intel will come out with a fix soon. Waited on the phone yesterday for over 20 mins before I readched support, they stated out that officially there is no bug (they know about single users having problems but it is not a bug [yet?]) and they sent me instructions of how to test the drive in another machine, but did not help (8 MB there, too).


                                    Guess we will have to wait..

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