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      • 240. AES bug?

        hi Intel guys,

        I want to use TrueCrypt (an opensource disk cryption software) to create an AES/SHA-256bit file container as crypted volume. Each time when I press format my  Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit system will reboot just like the reset butten is pressed. I think maybe there is a bug of AES instructions with the MB(DX58SO2) or CPU (i7-990x).



        • 241. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

          Hi All,

          Just an update on my RMA board and a bit of encouragement to those still having issues.  I have had the RMA board for just about a month now.  I left the 0603 Bios alone and have not "upgraded" it (yes I am a chicken!).  So far everything is rock stable and no Boot Hang "00" issues (searching for some wood to knock on).  I have not messed around with the Corsair Vengeance CMZ6GX3M3A2000C10 memory.  I am still using the old Dominator DDR3 1600 memory running at 1600.


          Burn in on the "new" board was a week (10-14 hours a day) of running Access queries on 9 joined databases, each with between 500k and 8m records.  No issues.


          A couple of weeks ago I ran a program that calculated the turn by turn miles from one zip code to every other usable zip code in the US (36,000+).  It took 7 hours to run with the CPU running on all 4 cores at between 80-90%.  The temps all held at a reasonable level (I don't recall the exact numbers).  No reboots.  No issues whatever.


          The best I can suggest is, if you are still having issues, RMA the board and keep RMAing it until you get one that works.  If you get a board that works, leave the 0603 Bios and DO NOT "upgrade" it.  For those that have "upgraded" the Bios to another version and tried to down-grade to 0603 and still had issues, I wonder if either there is a problem with that particular board or if the "upgraded" Bios changes something that the down-grade does not change back.


          The DX58SO2 seems to be a decent board when/if you can get it to run right.  I do have to admit though, that I do still hold my breath every time I press the power button to start it up.


          With my luck this board will go up in smoke tomorrow morning!



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            bgolden i had major issues and i flashed back to 0603 and it cured all my problems (hanging, memory errors and 3xbeeps, going to screensave and never returning etc). so i think flashing back to 0603 is a solid piece of advice.


            i think the 00 startup hang is a hardware board fault (latest guess is a dry joint somewhere or a pcb line that cracks easily when the cpu is attached) , and the 0779 bios being EVIL is another problem. so we have been tackling with both problems at once.


            i have never had the 00 startup hang fault. just Bios issues.


            if you have the 00 startup problem , i would imagine that as its a hardware issue then flashing back to 0603 bios is not going to cure it. only RMA'ing it.




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              I have RMA'd twice, same issue. I returned the DX58SO2, and purchased the older (reliable) DX58SO.  I put the same CPU and RAM on the new board, updated the BIOS to the newest and greatest, and VOILA!  Works perfect.


              I was even able to set the memory timing to the correct settings (9-9-9-24-2T) for my Corsair XMS RAM.  I have been running for 6 days now, non-stop, running 100% utilization CPU and RAM stress tests, not a single failure or reboot.


              IMHO, as stated by others here, the main problem with the DX58SO2 is the faulty memory detection and handling.  Intel really phoned it in on this one.


              If you are tired and weary of hammering away at your DX58SO2, get a DX58SO.  Yeah, it doesn't have the extra memory slots, and yeah, it doesn't have the fancy bluetooth and wifi gizmo, and yeah, it doesn't have the fancy-looking coolers on the board (it does, however, run cooler than the SO2 ever did).  But it works.  Reliably.  And it pretty much does everything the SO2 was supposed to do.


              Maybe if Intel gets a lot of returns that no one is asking for replacements, but opting for other boards, they will get the picture that this was a major flub.

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                Update: (orig. post prev. page).


                Well, Corsair did reply to my request for help with the memory issues.  But it's now a moot point for me since I had already delivered the system to customer, ('crippled' with only 2GB RAM).


                It's mounted in a server rack, and I don't know if I'll ever get a chance to 'play around/hack-at-it' again. One should NOT have to 'play around' with 'quality hardware' to get it to work. (HEAR THAT INTEL?!?!)


                But this may help others, so here is Corsair's reply:


                "Please enable XMP in the BIOS and then manually set the QPI voltage to 1.2v. If the problem remains, then please try setting the memory frequency to DDR3 1333 or even 1066. There will be a lot more stresses on the memory controller on the system when all memory slots are filled; to compensate for these stresses, memory controller will need to run these modules at a slower speed. The best analogy is car performance; the more passengers you have, the slower the car goes. You will have to balance between performance and capacity when comes to adding more RAM to the system."


                And their analogy of the car & passengers is not relative.  If I had to slow-down-the-RAM with the more I put in, this would be the FIRST motherboard I ever had to do that to. And I'm probably appraching my 400th or 500th computer build, (30yrs).


                stresses? more memory?  umm, don't put in 6 slots if the hardware can't handle it,..um , make sense?..sheesh,

                (but I'm no 'highly educated engineer', so pfft, what do I know... :/)


                (didn't someone mention the DX58SO had fewer mem. slots and works fine?... umm,..hello...)


                Shame on Intel for not pulling this board from the market and offering replacements, and a Intel SSD drive to 'sooth relations' with those who were 'burnt' by this board.


                Good luck folks,



                (the saga continues, and how about chiming in on this Intel? Are you that embarrased that you won't speak up on this?)


                It costs a LOT more to get back a customer you've lost, then it usually costs to 'satisfy' the situation. But you big 'monopoly' guys don't have to worry about things like that now do you?

                • 245. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                  It's interesting you should mention that Norton, about the big monopoly guys I mean. you know I started this thread and I spent an unreasonable amount of time testing and trying to get this piece of junk to work. I even went so far as to buy another one after reading about the possible SN# and BIOS version issues. although I did not mention this here because I was kind of feeling the fool for trying another one of these boards after all the trouble the first one gave me. this time I bought my board from a different source and I had my fingers crossed the entire time. I'm sad to report that the second board acted almost exactly like my first. I'm now using an ASUS P6X58-E WS and its running great its a shame that I had to spend $300 to get a working mainboard for this CPU. needless to say I am now gun shy of INTEL Products. I also happen to be the VP of an NAIC investment group with 20+ members and we own INTEL stock.


                  I have been a long time INTEL advocate. since this experience I have realized that I need to look at other avenues e.g. AMD products. this is not to say that I would make a rash decisions an suggest dumping our INTEL stocks to the group, but this negative experience will effect future investments and will weigh heavy on future investment decisions. so Norton even though the guys might be big they still rely on everyone to buy there products and invest in there company its how they generate capitol for continued development and company growth each time they fail to do so or to satisfy a customer they pay for it one way or another.




                  • 246. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                    hehe, that's 'funny' about the stock thing.  I was about to invest in INTC and will say this experience also made me gun-shy.  Instead I put the investment into MRVL.  Maybe Marvell will someday get into the mobo-precessor game, give these fat-n-lazy oh-we're-too-big-to-worry guys an awakening.


                    I've used Intel 'forever', and remember once using 'support' years ago.  Products WERE that good it was never required.  Then I got THIS board.  Do you think I could find a phone number to call?!?!?! HA!!


                    Intel's support appears to be 'vaporware' nowadays.  I am shocked to learn 'there is none'....  I don't know when this changed, but gooooood luck getting in touch with Intel.


                    end rant 2.0


                    Glad to hear about the stock thing.  They don't want to step up on this, then customers hopefully will vote with 'their feet'... tooodles!



                    • 247. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles



                      I don't know what country your in ? but INTEL does have a tech support Number in the USA. I found it at http://ark.intel.com/  you will have to look around I don't still have it handy, it's not an 1-800 number. I used it in the beginning they were helpful, courteous and frankly very fourth coming with answers. this Mainboard comes with a 3 yr warranty and they did offer to replace it after not being able to solve my problem.


                      My complaint at this point is that they released this low quality apparently poorly designed board to the public at all. In my case it cost me more time and money then the board was worth. another thing, even though INTEL says they don't support over clocking they advertise this Mainboard as an over clocker's dream and it is anything but. neither of the two DX58SO2 mainboards I had functioned properly over clocked or not over clocked.


                      Good luck


                      • 248. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                        hi All,


                        New BIOS 0817 is released. WOULD YOU TRY?


                        Release Notes

                        BIOS Version 0817 - SOX5820J.86A.0817.2011.0630.1910
                        About This Release:
                         July 01, 2011
                         QPI Reference Code: Based on Revision 1.85
                         ICH10 SATA RAID Option ROM: v10.6.0.1091
                         Marvell* 9128 SATA Gen 3 Option ROM:
                         Marvell 6121 SATA Gen 2 Option ROM:
                         LAN Option ROM: Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE GE v1.3.65
                         LAN Option ROM: Intel(R) Boot Agent PXE Base Code (PXE-2.1 build
                        New Fixes/Features:
                         Fixed issue where rear audio jacks do not retask.
                         Fixed issue with memory defaults stored in the Performance
                        Data Hob.
                         Fixed issue where system does not boot with BCLK set above
                         Changed Hyperboot string to Fast Boot.
                         Fixed issue where PCIe cannot restore to default in Extreme
                        Tuning Utility (XTU) using F9 and F10 in BIOS.
                         Fixed issue where Processor Voltage Override Type in BIOS
                        shows “None” when XTU applies non-default Dynamic CPU Voltage
                         Fixed issue where Turbo Boost, CPU VR Current Limit,
                        Current/Power Limit, and X-cores Multiplier do not grey out in
                        BIOS after disabling EIST compared to XTU.
                         Updated processor support.
                         Updated RAID Option ROM to version
                         Improved ICH PCI Express and EHCI performance with deep CStates enabled.
                         Fixed issue where proposed Host Clock value did not get
                         Fixed ACPI _PSD error when running "POWERCFG -ENERGY" command.
                         Fixed the S3 resume hang issue under XMP profile.
                         Enhanced overclocking Memory Manual Override mode.
                         Fixed issue that caused continuous resets preventing the BIOS
                        from finishing POST.
                         Fixed issue where CDROM doesn't automatically Boot from SATA6
                        • 249. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                          Since my board is working reasonably stable, I think I'll hold off until someone like Rboyd, who has major issues, tries this new Bios.  


                          It is going to be really interseting to see if this Bios fixes things.



                          • 250. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                            I am hoping it makes it easier to get the memory above the default to 1333 or 1600.  I have been unsuccessful in this and am living with the 1067.


                            However, I to am going to wait a see what folks say about it.  I am using 779 without real problems except for the memory timing, so far.



                            • 251. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                              I tried the new BIOS going from 0779 to 0817.  Tried twice to update use the *.exe method, both times it bricked the machines.  System failed to boot and the board gave a 6F error code.  Only way I was able to get the board up again was the push the reset switch on the board.  That would let it boot back into Win7 and it even reported that the BIOS upgrade was successful.  Bounced the machines again, check the BIOS and it was still at 0779.  I have done this a couple of time with not problems, this is the first I have seen this type of problem.  Would like to apply the update as the documentation alludes to minor fixes I could use with power management but after two failed attempt I will wait for the next release.

                              • 252. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                                Intel finally removed the 0779 BIOS from its website.  0724 and 0817 have been added.

                                • 253. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                                  I had the same issue with my board with this update. I went into BIOS and reset defaults, then tried again.  It worked the first time after that. Good luck.

                                  • 254. Re: Help with DX58SO2 Motherboard Troubles

                                    Just updated bios to 817.  Everything normal and uneventful.  Will report of any additional 00 boots.