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    Problems with RAID-Controller SRCSATAWB




      Sorry about deleting your message. I thought it was a duplicate. I've recovered and copied it here to continue the thread.







      Hey guys!


      On a s5000psl Serverboard we have a SRCSATAWB installed.

      Last week we had a harddisk failure. We replaced the faulty harddisk with a spare part from Seagate. The Raid was rebuilt without any problems. But there is still a small red LED blinking on the RAID-Controller-Card.


      Therefore I tried to install Intel Active System Console to find out what the Problem is. But the Appcore-Service is missing, even after reinstallation.


      I ran out of ideas how to solve this. Can anyone help?


      (I also attached the logfiles of sysinfo.)


      Thanks in advance for every hint!