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        Yes, same results here, the Advanced Enterprise version is the only 13.5 installer which offers me MyWiFi, and there doesn't seem to be a 14.1 Advanced Enterprise (at least as of June 28, 2011).  I too am confused as to why My WiFi doesn't show up on the consumer ProSet and Basic Enterprise versions (either 13.5 or 14.1) - when plenty of documentation suggests it should.


        This is on a Centrino Ultimate 6300N - actually on two different ones - a generic and a Dell-specific version, no difference.  Running Win7Pro x64.




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          I installed this on my Dell Studio 1737 with Windows 7. The instructions were vague, so try the instructions I provided at...


          Installing My Wi-Fi Technology


          It explaind what you have to do to install it.




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            Thanks Rick, but the problem is the 13.5 installer's "Custom" screen offers My Wifi (which I have installed successfully) while the 14.1 installer's "Custom" screen does not.  I fought 13.5 like mad until finding this thread and seeing that at least for my gear, ONLY the "Advanced Enterprise" version of the installer offers My WiFi for install.  So I've been successful with the 13.5 Advanced Enterprise installer but cannot move to 14.1.  13.5 seems to have a LOT of issues with the adapter losing its mind and requiring one or more "Reset ProSet" operations - so I'm hoping desperately for an improvement in 14.1.



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              I used to own a 5100 AGN and currently I am using the 6200 AGN and do not have any issues. I have used these Recommended Wireless Router Settings I use channel 11. Sometimes people with the connection issues have found that their antenna wires have come loose.


              Version worked well, also and might have what you're looking for.


              Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 7 64-Bit Version





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                Ok, so here's the final and real correct answer - after a couple of days on and off of sweating over VM installs, log file analysis, some pure guesswork and some pure luck!


                The *installer* keeps a token noting that the My WiFi has been blocked at some point, and all future installers obey that (except 13.5 Advanced Enterprise it seems).


                I've placed a commented .reg file on pastie (though it doesn't seem to have a type for .reg files) so you can download, rename to .reg, and run this:


                which simply contains the following to delete the "errant" value.


                ; ReEnableIntelMyWiFiInstallOption.reg
                ; Restore the missing Intel My WiFi Technology install option
                ; in ProSet/Wireless versions 13.5 and 14.1.1 at least, maybe
                ; more. 
                ; OEM installs (like Dell's) often block My WiFi, and even
                ; uninstalling them doesn't return the option to the generic
                ; drivers.  This .REG file deletes the UpgradeCode preserved
                ; by the Windows Installer and obeyed by even the generic
                ; Intel install.  This code appears to ONLY be present when
                ; My WiFi is blocked. 
                ; YMMV and so on.

                After running this, I can happily install My Wifi!

                P.S. I don't know how to subscribe to threads here, but I'll check in occasionally for a while to see if anyone is NOT able to make this work for them!


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                  Hi Richard,


                  This totally nailed it! Thanx a thousand times. I think I'd never found this myself....


                  In my case it applies to a Dell Latitude E6520, i7-2720QM, HD Graphics/NVS4200M, Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300.

                  Now only have to buy a receiver.

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                    Hi Richard,


                    I finally found this thread after few days of trying to configure WiDi on my notebook. You did a great job.

                    Perfect debugging.


                    Thanks a lot.

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                      You sir, are an absolute genius!

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                        Joe doe

                        This worked! Even Dell Tech Support was impressed! I put in 5 hrs to try and fix this, your solution was the only one! Please copy and paste your instructions into other forums for people to see. Also, important to note that, in order to change the file type to .reg, one has to first, change folder options, and uncheck "hide extensions".

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                          Hi Richard,

                          One of the amazing debugs I suppose

                          I am very glad to see my Dell laptop enabled with WiDi.

                          Thanks a lot...

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