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    DH67CL support 3TB HDDs on RAID controller


      I tried desperately to create a cluster of two disks raid 1 or raid 0 without success. With raid feature enable the raid controller can not see properly the two seagate xt sata III 3TB hard disks.The system recognizes them like 746.5GB . After entering to the operating system windows 7 does not recognize them regardless of whether they are in raid 0 or raid 1 or just a band of disks. With ACHI mode no problem but not hardware raid (only software).


      The features are:


      1) MOBO Desktop board DH67CL BOXDH67CLB3 (BTCL117001W7) bios 0122

      2) CPU Intel core i7-2600

      3) MEMORY Kingston KHX1600C9D3T1K2/8G 2X4

      4) BOOT DEVICE Intel 510 series SSDSC2MH120A2K5 SSD 120GB

      5) RAID DISK Seagate ST33000651AS 3TB

      6) OP SYSTEM Windows 7 ultimate with SP1.

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          You might have to add a Hard Disk Pre-Delay. Some of the 2Tb and larger disk drives can take 20 seconds or more to spin-up and initialize. Yours, I think, is something like 18 seconds. The pre-delay is set in the BIOS under Configuration>SATA Drives>Hard Disk Pre-Delay and specified in seconds. The delay will cause the boot splash screen to display longer and gives the drives time to initialize after power on.


          These large drive will also take longer to shut down so expect a delay on power off too.


          Give that a try and report back.

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            None luck. The time delay has no effect on how hard drives are recognized. In AHCI mode does not face any problem. The bios of the raid controller is the problem. I'm trying to find third-party information, but so far no results. The separation between system bios and controller not clear from anyone. If there is a new bios from intel might include controller upgrade?