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      I have bought a new Intel SSD 320 160GB. It works fine, but I recognized that the body of the drive is not only silver. It's instead silver with grey spots, it's discoulorated. It's difficult to explain and I don't have a picture. It looks like the drive is a bit burned with a lighter. The drive works well, but sometime there is a buzzing sound and it seems that it comes from the SSD.


      Is this a cause for gettings a new drive with the guarantee?

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          Discolouration of a casing is not grounds for a RMA.  Have you tried wiping it clean as it could be oils from your hand?



          The SSD should not be buzzing since there are no components that are physically able to generate audible sound.  Are you sure it is from the SSD?  It might be your PSU, video card, or motherboard.  A trick is to get a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard roll and hold it against your ear.  Then point the other end around your case.  This will help isolate noises and assist in determining the source of the sound.

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            My Intel 320 Series also has discoloration on the side opposite to the label side. As if it's not painted well.

            The buzzing sound comes from your GPU.