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        In my case the Intel 5100 quit connecting but would reccognize the wireless networks in the area.   After see this forum of many posts without answers I went to the Cisco pages.  They have an AE1000 USB adapter on sale for under $20 refurbished.  I ordered one and installed it.  I uninstalled the Intel 5100 and its software.  My Dell XPS now runs faster like it di originally.  Video and music now runs properly as do many other applications.   The bottom line is the Intel 5100 AGN may be destroying the performance of your laptop.  Go to another wireless adapter like the Cisco AE1000.  My N level network is now running like it should.

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          My Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN no longer will connect at all, after two years of working fine. It stopped working about 6 weeks ago. The network is up, and I can connect with a wired link. The 5100 usually sees the network, but when I try to connect, it reports "Windows was unable to connect to this network." Dell has tried every option available, and they say it must be software. Their software support folks will charge me $140 for the consult if it turns out to be software, so I'd prefer to find out for sure before going to them.  Sometimes the 5100 doesn't see any of the networks around, or they disappear from the list and then return. I've isolated the problem to my laptop/wifi card and not the modem. Any ideas?

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            I am having the exact issues that Jackie is experiencing.  If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.  I've talked with Intel who didn't help at all.  I've talked with Dell who told me the same thing as Jackie.  I've tried USB wireless adapters without much success because I think this internal Wifie LINK 5100 Adpater is overiding it.  Are there any suitable replacments?

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              Went and bought another wireless internal card to replace this intel wifi link 5100 and my computer has started working perfectly.  Definitely an issue with this card

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                I was going to do that - replace the internal card. but I have a small lenovo laptop and was concerned about how simple that would be. Don't even like taking the thing apart.


                Regarding the card, it has gone completely dead for me after first being erratic, coming back to work perfectly for about two days, and then shutting off (apparently for good.) I too am convinced this is a faulty product, and with the number of them Intel has sold they should be held responsible for admitting and identifying the flaw, if not for refunding end users.

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                  I have the Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN in my HP DV7-1262US and also experience unexplainable drop out on an AMBIT wifi router and on a Belkin wifi router.   I feel your pain.  On the Time Warner RoadRunner supplied Ambit  wifi router I have no access to signal levels in or out.  My network and sharing center will say the signal from the the Ambit or Belkin wifi routers are good to excellent yet  I get dropped.  I run the laptop on a USB cooler pad.  So I don't think it is heat related.  The drop out is so intermittent in nature.  I can run for days drop out free then in on night I can be dropping out on the Ambit and switch to the Belkin for hours then drop out of the Belkin and go back to the Ambit.  I can do a reset remotely on the Belkin and be up and running.  On the AMbit it is not possible to do a remote reset.  I would have to go to the next houde over and do a hard power down reset.  Will try that next.

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                    Aparrantly Intel is still not listening to us.  I have this in my HP.  Their solution is for me to send my laptop back to HP and for them to completely wipe my hard drive just to fix the wireless card!  Thats makes for a lot of work once I get the lap top back.  I would prefer they put a different card in and be done with it!!!!


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                      Same problem here. The laptop - HP Probook 4410s - is 1.5 yrs old, the problem started appearing about 6 months ago. At that time, it happened infrequently, that too in Linux. There are lots of bug reports on this problem for Linux and apparently Intel is working on it. Now the problem is severe - so I checked in the dual OS Windows ... and of course, its same in Windows too! I need 2-3-4 reboots to get the wireless working in Windows (XP) and even then, the card stops working if I put a little load on internet. And sometimes just on its own.


                      Has anyone tried to replace the mini PCI intel Wifi card with something else? Broadcom / Atheros / another Intel?


                      For the sake of Linux users, this problem will start happening infrequently and gradually increase. It is probably not related to Heat - I opened the laptop and the Fan seems clean. This is unlikely a driver problem... and if you see these messages in dmesg/syslog then you have been graced with this misfortune.

                      "iwlagn: Error sending REPLY_RXON: enqueue_hcmd failed:"

                      "iwlagn: No space for Tx"

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                        I have this problem on my laptop, and I have figured out that the problem is physical... though it seems to lose connectivity randomly, I realized that if the laptop is physically moved or shaken it always cuts out. I tested the theory a bunch of times by simply turning on the laptop, connecting to the internet, and shaking it like an etch & sketch... it lost connectivity every time. Even with this problem I can often work for hours when the laptop is sitting on a table where it is stable. I'd like to see if anyone/everyone else can replicate the experiment to confirm that this is an actual loose physical connection. If I am right, there may be a way to fix this by more securely fastening something (the chip?) to a board...

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                          In my company also have some problem, we have more than 20 user using ACER with intel 5100,nigtmare always happen in the morning, when one by one call me and tell they cannot be able to connect to wireless, i try many things but still not fix this issue, is there someone here using ACER with windows xp also ?

                          hope intel will hear this and make a resolution, thats why this forum created

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                            After having read through this posting, sadly I still have not found a workable solution other than these 2 things we did at work:


                            1. KEEPING the 5100/5300 (most cost effective): Bolster the wireless network with G-only routers using a separate SSID.  We used Linksys WRT54GL's with the DD-Wrt firmware.

                            2. DISABLING or REPLACING the 5100/5300 card with another card, or disabling the 5100/5300 cards and using a USB wifi device.



                            What is really strange is that a few of the Toshiba laptops with the 5100/5300 cards have had NO PROBLEM at all, while other Toshibas (exact same model with exact same firmware) have had nothing but problems connecting.  It's a 50/50 proposition.  And IMHO, an intrensic problem with the Intel 5100/5300 cards that Intel would just as soon sweep under the rug and not bother with a recall.


                            If it were all up to me, I'd replace all the wifi miniPCI cards with a different card.  Such cards can be purchased for $25 or less online.  But we had so many Toshibas with these 5100/5300 cards, it was more cost effective (monitarily, at least) to bolster the wifi-N network routers with G-only routers using a unique SSID (on a dedicated channel) so that these laptops could use them.

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                              I was having a similar problem after reinstalling windows 7 on my Lenovo T400 with an Intel WiFI Link 5100 AGN adapter. After waking my laptop from sleep mode and logging in, the WiFi connection would drop for about 10 seconds after which it would connect and work properly. I did NOT have this problem before the windows reinstall.


                              I was able to fix my problem on my laptop, and hope this works for you guys as well. I have not been able to confirm this, but it seems the issue lies with the latest driver of the adapter, version number The steps I followed for the fix were:


                              1. Go to this page and download the driver for the adapter. This is just in case during the process, your computer is unable to  locate the proper driver for your machine. If this may happen, only then  install this driver.



                              You will see 2 downloads. I used the one with the driver only, i.e. the first one with the file name Wireless_14.2.0.10_Ds32.exe.


                              2. Right click Computer > Device Manager. Select your 5100 AGN adapter, right click on it, go to its properties and to the Driver tab. Click on Uninstall. In the window that opens, tick the box with the option to "Delete the driver software for this device." This is NECESSARY.


                              3. Once the device is uninstalled, in Device Manager, right click on your computer's name (under which all the devices are listed) and click Scan for Hardware changes. Windows will automtically detect the adapter and install the driver for it. For me, it installs the driver with version number This seems to work perfectly for me.


                              I hope this works for you guys as well.

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                                I don't have a solution, but you may be on to something regarding the interaction between windows and the AGN. first I have two laptops that drop the connection. An HP Win7 64 and a toshiba Vista 32. The HP has the 5100AGN but the Toshiba has a Linksys EC600N card. Both are within 6 feet of the router. I correct the problem by using the  network and sharing center to disconnect and reconnect for a quick solution, though my problem only occurs at most once a day. An HP desktop with WIN7 64 using a linksys WUSB600N adapter has no problem with the  connection, neither does a Dell desktop running XP Pro with a Linksys WUSB600N. I know I'm just muddying the water, but someone can glean something more significant than I from the information.

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                                  Confirmed: Installing the new Intel driver that Saeed and another user indicated seems to completely solve this problem.  My laptop no longer drops connections, will now connect when awoken from sleep and when rebooted.


                                  My Lenovo T400s thinkpad running Winows 7 64-bit had frequent and annoying disconnections until I downloaded and installed the new 5100 drivers from either:



                                  or by running the Intel detection wizard found here:



                                  New version #


                                  PS--I did not unload the old driver first, the new driver installed automatically over the old.  However, unloading the old driver is the clean way of doing this.  Your mileage may vary.


                                  Thanks, all.

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                                    thanks for the update. I just updated the driver as you suggested and will know the answer by morning. My WHS backs up all the computers on the network overnight, and ofter the HP Win6 x64 dos not reconnect after the backup. I also noticed that when the connection is dropped, the network connection stays, only the internet disconnects. I'll post in the norming when I find out if this solves the problem.