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    NetApp Reference Architecture


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          Hi everyone!


          I work for NetApp, and I was involved in the CloudBuilder / NetApp reference architecture effort. I'd be happy to answer any questions folks may have about the NetApp side of things. I look forward to the discussion!


          Ben Krieger

          SAN Tech Marketing Engineer


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            There were some questions around FedEx deployment that I talked about in the Webinar.

            Here is the link to a Whitepaper that outlines the benefits that FedEx saw with Intel 10GbE and VMDq technology





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              Hi Benjamin,


              I was interning at Intel Technologies at Enterprise Platform and Server Division where I worked on some server motherboards and different kinds of server architectures present at EPSD Lab.

              Now, I am pursuing my masters in computer science at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I am planning to take up Cloud Computing course in the Fall, before that I am looking to design a Application on virtualization environment, something like a common window for accessing all your applications on desktop where user can just see a GUI and he need not worry about on which OS application thumbnail has been taken from.

              I am looking forward to working in areas related to it this summer as intersnhip but I am not able to succeed in getting calls from Netapp for any such opportunity. I thought my best way would be work on myself on something I am passionate about and implement all by myself to get a hands-on experience on these latest technologies.

              I know Netapp is too much into XEN Virtualiszation software and Cloud computing and I also know they are leaders in it. I was looking for some white papers from Netapp which could help me in the above project where I can get information on Virualization architectures, how I could access those application on the system level. If you could help me in this project it would really grateful for me, I would happy to welcome any suggestions from your side. I am trying to contact few people at Netapp which I am not able to do so.

              I would definitely like to get a hands-on experience on technologies which are making me so enthisisatic about.

              I would like to apologize if thread is not meant for these white papers and student learning. I am just a studnet excited be in field of cloud computing and virtualization.

              I trust you for getting help from your side to get an hands-on experience on Virtualization, Storage and Cloud Computing.


              Thanks for your time and consideration.



              Yours Sincerely,

              Ajay Ramesh

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                All - While at Interop in Las Vegas last month, we had an opportunity to film NetApp's Jason Blosil. He talks about how to move to a unified networking & storage environment with Intel Ethernet 10g. Included in his discussion are insights around lower infrastructure costs with increased server bandwidth.