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    Freeze with DH61DL



      (sorry for my bad english)
      I recently purchased a DH61DL desktop board + Core i5 2300 + 8GB DDR1333 (2x4GB). Using Windows 7 Pro x64.
      All is working ok, except that when playing HD videos on youtube or other player, after one minute or more, got the image corrupted and blinking, sound looping and Windows freeze. Must disconect from power to reboot.
      Other freezes happens when doing the Windows Experience test at the Windows Media Codecs part, doing simple tasks like using Eclipse IDE and saving text files or sometimes when rebooting from a freeze, got another freeze on the Windows welcome screen. Always with corrupted image and looping sound.
      I've tested all. Drivers are all up to date. BIOS is up to date. Temp is correct, 34ºC normally and 38ºC when playing HD videos. Memory was tested with the built in Windows memory test and with Memtest86+ and found no problem!
      The unique way to not get freeze is removing one DIMM and leave only 4GB. DIMMs are equals. One pair of Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G. Those DIMM seems to be compatible with this board as stated on Kingston website. Already tried to swap dimms, and always got freeze when both are working on board. If only one DIMM, no freezes.
      I'm really desperated! Theres no way to work with 8GB ?
      What I'm missing ???
      Any help will be apreciated.